Reliable digital maps for robust network planning

Extracted using very high resolution aerial imagery, get the most accurate geospatial data for 5G planning

RF planning with high fidelity maps
icon for city-scale 3D vector maps

Ensure error-free RF planning with high-fidelity maps

Get access to city-scale 3D vector maps that contain building footprints and other street furniture to simulate signal coverage and site extensions

Aerial imagery showing street pole and electric pole for 5G Planning
Icon for extraction of street furnitures

Efficiency in site-identification for 5G

Scan your entire zip-code within an hour and identify street furnitures like electric, street and HT poles

Aerial survey of an area showing different types of street poles for 5G site identification
Icon for using high resolution imagery for 5G project planning

Identify micro-attributes without physical survey

Get features like street pole types using high resolution oblique imagery to plan feasibilty of 5G site