AutoBid by Attentive

End-to-End Sales Automation possible with one tool- AutoBid

Get Automated Measurements, Estimates and Proposals with Attentive's breakthrough sales automation software

The most successful sales teams are powered by Attentive


Your current sales process is broken.

Making proposals is a time taking and complicated process, often needing you to work with multiple tools


Hours are spent on measuring, estimating and making proposals, resulting in valuable time taken away from selling


Different tools for measurement, estimates & proposals hurts sales team’s productivity


Slow bidding process limits the sales pipeline and guesstimating leads to underbidding or overbidding

Put your proposals on auto-pilot with AutoBid

From the moment you receive the bid request until the proposal is sent out, Attentive does everything for you

Automated measurements

Save time on busywork with industry leading AI-based takeoffs for maintenance jobs

Automated ESTIMAtes

The most detailed cost, time, and material estimates off of accurate production factors


Create winning proposals at the click of a button based on pre-set templates
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Take back control of your sales with the breakthrough in sales automation


Save 95% time with automated proposals. Focus on building customer relationships

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Send out all the proposals you want with everything managed in one place. Never turn down an opportunity again

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Crush your quota with 98%+ accurate site measurements on every site. Get winning proposals with HD sitemaps

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Custom solutions built for your workflows

Landscape maintenance

Paving Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

AutoBid is an end-to-end sales automation tool for landscaping maintenance and paving maintenance professionals. It helps sales teams get automated site measurements, create instant estimates, and make winning proposals - without any manual effort.

AutoBid creates estimates by applying your production rates and pricing to the auto-generated site measurements.

AutoBid has default contract templates that you can use to create winning proposals at the click of button. You can also create customized templates on your own.

Absolutely! Please schedule a call with us so that we can set you up on a free trial - link here.

Making sure all your requirements are met is our top priority. Please schedule a call with us so that we can help you pick the right plan and discuss pricing - link here.

AutoBid provides coverage in USA and Canada.