May 28, 2024

Accelerate: Batteries Included - What We Offer to Support Your Transition

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Accelerate: Batteries Included - What We Offer to Support Your Transition

Switching your business management software is a monumental decision. At, we understand the weight of this commitment, and we're here to ensure a smooth transition to Accelerate, our AI-powered end-to-end business management software for landscapers. 

Here are the three main concerns landscaping business owners face when making this switch and how we tackle them head-on.

1. Data Migration: Seamless Transition

Concern: "What will happen to my old data?"

Migrating data from an old system to a new one can be daunting. The fear of losing crucial information is real.

Our Solution: Effortless Data Migration

We offer data migration as a part of our onboarding process. This means we handle the entire migration process end-to-end. Old contracts, client details, billing information – everything is transferred safely and accurately. 

Our experienced team ensures that no data is lost in the transition, giving you peace of mind.

2. Training: Empowering Your Team

 Concern: "How will my team adapt to the new system?"

Training employees on a new system is a significant undertaking. Different departments need tailored training to ensure they can perform their jobs efficiently.

Our Solution: Comprehensive Training Program

We provide a comprehensive training program customized for different departments, such as sales, operations, and billing. Our training is designed to help your team understand how to perform their specific roles using Accelerate. We offer both in-person and virtual training options to accommodate your needs. This includes:

  • In-Person Training: On-site training for your crew members and staff, ensuring they are comfortable with the new system.
  • Post-Go-Live Training Cadence: Ongoing training sessions to onboard new employees and reinforce learning for existing staff.

The landscaping industry often sees a dynamic workforce, making continuous training crucial. Unlike complex systems, which rely on external consultants for training, Accelerate equips you with:

- Comprehensive, easy-to-understand modules: Simplified training materials that cater to every department.

- Dedicated support to assist through teething troubles: Our support team is available to address any issues during the transition period. Besides, you get 24x7 live chat and phone support, plus self-help documentation.

3. Integration with Accounting and Payroll: Smooth Operations

Concern: "Will the new system integrate with my existing tools?"

Integrating a new business management system with your current accounting and payroll software is critical for seamless operations.

Our Solution: Automated Integrations

We offer robust accounting integrations with the most popular software. You can explore our accounting and payroll integrations here

If a new integration need arises, we explore the feasibility and build custom integrations as needed. Our goal is to ensure that your financial and payroll data is always in sync and accurate. 

Over to you

At, we are committed to supporting your transition to Accelerate. With our comprehensive onboarding, training, and support services, we ensure that your switch is as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Experience the future of landscaping business management with Accelerate– batteries included.


What will happen to my old data during the transition to Accelerate?

We handle the entire data migration process end-to-end, ensuring all your old contracts, client details, and billing information are transferred safely and accurately.

How will my team adapt to the new business management system?

We offer a comprehensive training program tailored to different departments, including in-person and virtual sessions, to ensure your team is comfortable and proficient with Accelerate.

Will Accelerate integrate with my existing accounting and payroll tools?

Yes, Accelerate offers robust integrations with popular accounting and payroll software. We also explore and build custom integrations as needed to ensure seamless operations.