Automated Property Measurements Customized With Easy-To-Use Toolbar

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Now that you have learned how to measure a commercial property with, let’s dive into the next step: editing the automated property measurements output.

How to edit the property measurements output as per your requirement?

Once software has finished the property measurements, it will look something like this:

Attentive - Automated Property Measurements

All the features that are measured will be listed on the left on the output panel:

Customize Automated Property Measurements with Attentive's Toolbar

Different tools to edit the property measurement takeoff

If you want to make any changes to the auto-generated property measurements output, there’s a robust toolbar to assist you. You can find below all about what each tool can be used for.

Attentive - Property Measurements

Add: If you accidentally delete a polygon, this tool can draw it again. It can also measure any additional features (determined based on the report type you choose) within the lot boundary.

Edit: With the help of this tool, you can easily change the dimensions of any polygon that has extracted and measured. You can now extend (or shrink!) the lot boundary even after the property measurements are completed.

Learn how to edit by watching this video:

Reclassify: If classified an area into the beds’ category, but you want to include it with the lawn; use this tool to reclassify the auto-measured feature.

Lasso: Use this tool to make bulk reclassifications of existing features into a new group. Using the lasso tool, you can either delete or reclassify.

To understand how to do that, watch this video:

Split: Use this tool to split an existing polygon, to make room for a sidewalk, beds, etc.

Label: If you don’t want to mow/de-ice a certain section of the property; add that label to the output, and the report generates will be labeled accordingly.

Cut Hole: With the ‘Cut hole’ tool, you will now be able to remove areas inside the lot boundary that you don’t want us to measure for you. Fewer acres, less cost, and faster turnaround times as well. Win-win for all!

To see that in action, watch this video:

Delete: Delete any feature extracted that you don’t want to see in the final report with this tool.

Measure: You can choose between any of the three measurement types: length, area/perimeter, and circular.

Arrow: Place reticulate arrows on your map to add detail and instructions for your crews.

Icon: You can upload an image or icon. Click once to place the image on the map and continue clicking to keep adding the same image.

Duplicate: Inside a takeoff, to the left of the ‘Export’ button in ‘More Actions’, you now have the option to duplicate takeoffs. The copied takeoff is totally independent of its original. Any changes you make here won’t impact the original takeoff.

Once you have made all the required edits, you can export the results in any of the four available formats: Share via a link, PDF via email, Excel via email, and JPEG via email. This feature makes it easier for the estimators/account managers to collaborate with the on-site teams.

Attentive - Automated Property Measurements - Share takeoff with your team

We designed our software keeping the landscaping workflow in mind. We have added all our tools and features to save time and add convenience by giving you the most accurate automated property measurements.

Our toolbar helps you make as many changes as you’d like, while also ensuring that you do not spend too much time making these edits.

To learn more about how can help your landscaping business become more profitable, talk to us.

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