December 5, 2023

Does your business management software serve your landscape construction division?

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Does your business management software serve your landscape construction division?

As a commercial landscaping business, managing both maintenance and construction divisions effectively is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. The challenge, however, is that most landscaping business management software solutions available today work best for maintenance but rarely both. What about your landscape construction division?

This presents a unique set of challenges for businesses striving to excel in both areas.

The challenge of inefficiency in managing your landscape construction division

Imagine this: your maintenance division is operating smoothly with your current software, but when it comes to the construction division, the ball drops. You're stuck with manual processes like blueprint takeoffs and estimates, leading to inaccuracies and a lack of visibility in your sales pipeline

This disconnect in the process not only causes unprecedented hiccups but also results in poor production planning, ineffective time tracking, and an unnecessary revenue and invoice reconciliation process. It's a struggle marked by disjointed staff, separate software solutions, and a significant loss of control and visibility.

This isn't just about the inconvenience of juggling multiple systems; it's about the tangible impact on your business's bottom line and growth potential. The inability to harmonize the dual needs of maintenance and construction operations within a single software ecosystem leads to inefficiencies that are both time-consuming and costly.

Accelerate: End-to-end business management solution for your landscape construction & maintenance in one

Enter Accelerate—a game-changer in landscape construction management software that effortlessly caters to your maintenance division as well. But Accelerate isn't just a software. It's a comprehensive solution that helps automate and streamline every facet of your construction management needs, along with perfectly accommodating your maintenance division. It eliminates the need for time-consuming manual processes and introduces a level of visibility, efficiency, and control that manual methods can't match.

Key Features of Accelerate For Your Landscape Construction Division

Here are the ways you can now comfortably manage your construction and maintenance divisions in one software

  1. Automated blueprint takeoffs
  2. In-depth landscape construction estimate management

Let's dive into the details.

Automated Blueprint Takeoffs

No more manual measuring. With Accelerate, you can import data directly from site plans into construction-specific estimates.

All you need to do is upload site plans, define the scope of work, and approve takeoff. Accelerate automatically measures for the features listed on blueprint plans and scope documents, ensuring a seamless and error-free process.

Upload blueprint and scope of work on Accelerate
Upload blueprint and scope of work on Accelerate

With automated blueprint takeoffs, you save time and increase the accuracy of your estimates. Besides, with HD, color-coded sitemaps, you enhance your proposals as well.

This is how your landscape construction takeoff looks on Accelerate
This is how your landscape construction takeoff looks on Accelerate

For those who prefer to do measurements manually, Accelerate provides the option for a manual takeoff. You can generate a blueprint takeoff by manually creating property features and marking them on blueprint files.

In-depth landscape construction estimate management

In the landscape construction business, the key to maintaining control over your costs and ensuring profitability lies in the precision of your estimates. With Accelerate, you gain an unparalleled level of detail in your estimate management. This way, you can account for every dollar as your estimate precisely accommodates every material.

Comprehensive cost breakdown

Accelerate's estimation module delves deep into the financial aspects of your construction project:

Material, labor, and equipment costs

At both the category and project levels, you can itemize expenses, ensuring that you include each material, hour of labor, and piece of equipment in your financial plan.

Detailed cost & assembly based landscape construction estimates on Accelerate
Detailed cost & assembly based landscape construction estimates on Accelerate

This way, you can keep track of labor and equipment hours not just for the entire estimate but also for individual projects, services, and assemblies. This level of detail is crucial for scheduling and project management.

Labor and equipment hours

Understand the full scope of your project with labor and equipment hours calculated for the entire estimate and for each individual project component. Furthermore, this granular view allows for meticulous planning and resource allocation.

Dynamic price calculations

  • Base price configuration: Establish a base price that includes all category-level costs and project-specific breakdowns, offering a clear starting point for your bids.
Category-level costs and project-specific breakdowns on all your estimates
Detailed estimates with the base bid, alternates, and the rest
  • Overhead recovery: Accurately calculate overhead for each project category within your system, ensuring you recover the true cost of doing business.
  • Gross margin clarity: Determine the final gross margin for each estimate, providing a clear picture of your project's financial health.
  • Estimate value: Assess the full value of your estimate, integrating all the detailed cost factors, to present a bid that is competitive yet profitable.

Real-time estimate updates

Here's how you can ensure you update all your costs with the click of a button.

  • Bulk updates: The bulk update feature streamlines the process of adjusting unit costs, taxes, waste factors, and margins. You can modify these for all materials, labor, and equipment with ease, ensuring that your estimates are always current and competitive.
  • Filtering and searching: Tailor your estimates to specific projects, services, and assemblies.

Besides, when tackling landscape construction projects, having accurate estimates tailored to your projects is critical for success. On Accelerate, your estimates are accurate & assembly-based, crucial for setting the right prices and considering the correct labor and material costs. 

Detailed cost, equipment, and labor-hour based estimates
Detailed cost, equipment, and labor-hour-based estimates

This approach is important for making sure you become the first & most accurate bid out, your business makes a profit, and you keep your clients happy. 

How Accelerate helps landscape construction sales reps

Using Accelerate for creating estimates brings several advantages for sales reps:

  1. Efficiency through automation
  2. Accurate & detailed estimates
  3. Faster bidding
  4. Ease of scaling up
  5. Impact on business growth
  6. Structured bidding & contracting

Efficiency through automation

The software automates getting measurements & creating estimates from scratch in the estimation process. This way, you save a lot of time. Time that you can use for engaging with clients or pursuing new leads. Ultimately, you transform your landscaping sales process.

Accurate and detailed estimates

Providing detailed and precise estimates based on the latest production rates helps in building trust with clients. 

Faster bidding

With Accelerate, all you need to upload your blueprint. So your reps can prepare bids quickly. This is important in a competitive market, as getting your bid in early can often help you win the project.

Ease of Scaling Up

As your business grows and tackles bigger projects, Accelerate makes it easy to adjust and replicate your estimates, which is essential for handling larger, more complex projects efficiently.

Impact on business growth

Using Accelerate for your estimation needs not only makes your daily operations smoother but also sets the stage for business growth. Efficient and precise estimates lead to better project management, satisfied clients, and a stronger business overall.

Structured bidding and contracting

The estimate interface is thoughtfully organized into three tabs:

Base Bid: This is where the core of your estimate lies. All entities added here are part of the base estimate used for the bidding process.

Alternates: Here, you can define potential alternates to the entities in your base bid, providing flexibility and options for your clients.

Add alternates to your landscaping estimate

Recommended: This section allows you to add suggestions that can enhance your bid or contract, with the option to integrate these recommendations into the base bid as needed.

Customizable job tickets for your landscaping construction division

When moving from estimation to operations, custom job tickets are crucial for tracking and managing construction tasks. With Accelerate, you create job tickets that are tailored to your project's specific needs, enhancing your construction operation tracking.

In a nutshell, the software adapts to your unique project management needs, offering custom job tickets and operational planning tools. With a unified interface, data collection, reporting, and planning are significantly streamlined.

Moreover, Accelerate's job ticket creation page is divided into two tabs for convenience:

Job ticket tab

This tab displays the default configuration of job tickets, typically containing one service per ticket, allowing for a standardized yet flexible approach.

Landscape construction specific, flexible job tickets
Landscape construction-specific, flexible job tickets

Estimate tab

This tab lists all services and assemblies that are initially included in a job ticket by default. If needed, any assembly or service can be removed or added during the job ticket creation process, ensuring that each job ticket is perfectly aligned with the project's requirements.

The ability to rearrange assemblies within job tickets means you create custom job tickets tailored to the specific operational workflows of each project.

Besides, you can utilize the Job Ticket Screen to filter deals and optimize your weekly operational updates and planning.

AIA format support

Manage and download AIA format pay applications with ease, ensuring financial compliance and accuracy. Stay on top of your financials with standardized AIA format pay applications and automatic data population.

AIA format pay applications for your landscape construction projects on Accelerate
AIA format pay applications for your landscape construction projects on Accelerate

Operational adaptability for ad-hoc work

Accelerate doesn't just manage regular job tickets; it also caters to ad-hoc work requests. Crew members can log additional requests through the crew app, which can then be reviewed and annotated by the operations manager. This ensures that all work, planned or unexpected, is accounted for and managed efficiently.

Your landscape construction division deserves better- Accelerate today!

Accelerate addresses the diverse and complex needs of landscape construction management, providing a level of control, visibility, and efficiency that is simply not available in the industry today.

By choosing Accelerate, you're not just upgrading your software; you're revamping your entire approach to landscape construction management. 

With Accelerate, you can finally bring your maintenance and construction divisions under one roof, ensuring that your business is not just running but thriving.

Book a personalized demo with our team today and choose a software that understands your business and is as innovative as it is intuitive!


What is the meaning of landscape construction?

Landscape construction involves designing and creating outdoor spaces like gardens and patios. It includes activities like planting, building hardscapes, and installing irrigation and lighting systems, transforming outdoor areas into functional, aesthetic spaces.

What does landscape construction management software do?

Landscape construction management software streamlines project processes, offering features for automated blueprint takeoffs, detailed cost estimation, project management, resource scheduling, client and contract management, AIA pay apps, and financial tracking. It integrates various project aspects for efficiency and accuracy.

Why do you need cost-based landscape construction estimates?

Cost-based landscape construction estimates are crucial for accurate budgeting, creating competitive bids, ensuring financial viability, and managing resources effectively. With a detailed breakdown of all expected costs, helping to set realistic budgets and control expenses throughout the project, they provide transparency to clients, help in profitability analysis, and support the overall financial planning of a business.