December 5, 2023

How to choose the best landscaping crew tracking app?

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How to choose the best landscaping crew tracking app?

For landscaping businesses, every second matters as much as the right tools in your crew's hands. When your team is out in the field to keep properties in tip-top shape, how do you ensure they're making the most of their time? Especially when juggling multiple properties and facing unpredictable challenges. The answer lies in choosing the right landscaping crew tracking app – one that's tailored to meet all your needs, especially the unique ones.

The right landscaping crew app plays a crucial role in streamlining operations, from timekeeping to task management. But in a market overflowing with options, how do you pick an app that truly enhances your landscaping operations rather than adding to the clutter?

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This guide will delve into the essential features to look for and the common challenges to be aware of. But first, let us start with what a landscaping crew tracking app is, and why you definitely need one.

What is a landscaping crew tracking app?

A landscaping crew tracking app is a specialized tool designed to help businesses, track, manage, and optimize the day-to-day operations of a landscaping crew.

In the landscaping industry, where everything ultimately depends on what your crew does and if they do it well, the right landscaping crew tracking app matters. It can serve as a digital assistant, providing you with real-time time-tracking insights and management capabilities. They enable businesses to track their crew's work, including time spent on job sites, attendance, job progress, and more.

These apps often feature functionalities like clocking in and out, scheduling, location tracking, and communication tools. By digitizing these aspects of crew management, landscaping businesses can drastically reduce manual errors, improve efficiency, and enhance overall operational transparency.

Why you definitely need a landscaping crew tracking app

In the competitive field of landscaping, having an edge can make all the difference. This is where a landscaping crew tracking app becomes indispensable. Here's why:

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Reduced errors & fraud
  3. Better communication
  4. Customer assurance

Increased efficiency

With real-time tracking and management capabilities, you can optimize your crew’s time and resources. This means more jobs are completed accurately and on time, leading to higher customer satisfaction and more business opportunities.

Reduced errors and fraud

Manual tracking methods are prone to errors and can be exploited (like ghost clock-ins). A digital app reduces these risks significantly, ensuring accurate billing and payroll, and ultimately saving you money.

Better communication

These apps often come with built-in communication tools, ensuring that everyone, from the crew in the field to the managers in the office, is on the same page. Quick updates, schedule changes, and important notifications can be communicated instantly.

Data-Driven Decisions

With all your crew operational data in one place, you can analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to grow your business.

Customer Assurance

When you use a sophisticated crew tracking system, it reflects well on your business. It provides assurance to customers that their projects are handled professionally and efficiently.

Common challenges with existing crew landscaping crew tracking apps

Here are the 5 main challenges businesses face with landscape crew tracking software typically:

  1. Frequent crashes
  2. Network constraints
  3. Property specific clocking challenges
  4. Ghosts clock in visibility challenge

Let’s have a look in detail.

Frequent crashes

Ideally, landscaping crew tracking apps should streamline your time-tracking by digitizing the timesheet process. However, when these apps are prone to crashes or have complex user interfaces, crew members revert to traditional paper timesheets. 

This reliance on manual methods in a digital age when real-time tracking is key can bottleneck operations and increase the risk of human errors, affecting overall efficiency and accuracy.

Network constraints

Many conventional landscaping crew tracking apps heavily rely on network connectivity, which poses significant challenges in areas with poor reception. Since the crew operates in an entirely outdoorsy setup, it is difficult to ensure that they are always in areas that have good reception. Hence, apps frequently fail your crew.

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This dependency on subpar crew apps often results in data inaccuracies, especially in recording labor hours, contributing to the persistence of inaccurate or manual timesheets.

Property-specific clocking challenges in your landscaping crew tracking app

A critical issue in landscaping operations is if your crew accidentally neglects to clock their time for each property. Often paid for the entire day's work without property-specific differentiation, crew members may not provide precise data for each job site.

This lack of accurate information makes determining the true job costing for each property difficult, leading to skewed financial metrics. Plus, in case your customer claims that your crew was not present on the site on any given day– if you have your team clocked in on the property, you can simply show them the record.

Ghost clock-ins visibility issue

In the green industry, acquiring a reliable workforce is challenging, and ensuring the accuracy of logged hours is even more difficult. Ghost clock-ins, where employees log hours they haven't genuinely worked, lead to inflated labor costs and budget strains. 

The key challenge lies in gaining visibility into these discrepancies and preventing them from becoming a routine issue. Accurate timekeeping is essential for understanding profit margins and effective business management.

Here, you need accurately logged hours.

Key features to look for in a landscaping crew tracking app

When selecting a landscaping crew app, certain features are non-negotiable:

  1. Accurate time tracking
  2. Language accessibility 
  3. Location verification
  4. No connectivity issues
  5. Biometric verification 
  6. Requesting ad hoc work

Attentive Crew mobile app allows crew leaders to view all jobs for the day and manage the team more efficiently. It captures all hours & material data from the site and provides real-time visibility to the Operations Managers and Crew Leaders. Timesheets for crew members are auto-generated with complete visibility on payout hours.

Let’s dive into the main features you get with Attentive Crew App.

Accurate time tracking

Challenge Addressed: Ghost Clock-Ins and Inaccurate Time Records

Accelerate’s Solution: The Attentive Crew App incorporates both offline capability and biometric recognition to ensure precise logging of hours. This dual approach directly combats the issue of ghost clock-ins, where employees might log hours they haven't genuinely worked, and ensures that time records are accurate and reliable.

Language accessibility in our landscaping crew tracking app

Challenge Addressed: Communication Barriers in Diverse Crews

Accelerate’s Solution: Recognizing the diversity in landscaping crews, Accelerate offers a multilingual interface, available in English and Spanish. This feature is crucial in breaking down language barriers, ensuring smooth operations, and fostering unified communication among all crew members, regardless of their primary language.

Location verification

Challenge Addressed: Property-Specific Clocking Challenges

Accelerate’s Solution: To ensure accuracy in property-specific timekeeping, Accelerate uses geofence integration. This technology automatically identifies property boundaries from automated takeoffs, ensuring that crew members are genuinely present at the designated job site when they clock in. This feature is pivotal in providing precise data for job costing and maintaining financial accuracy.

Resilience to connectivity issues

Challenge Addressed: Data Loss and Inefficiency in Poor Network Areas

Accelerate’s Solution: The app's resilience in areas with limited or no network coverage is a key feature. With its robust offline capabilities, Accelerate ensures that data collection continues uninterrupted, even in connectivity-challenged situations. 

Crews can carry on with their work without any hindrance. And the synchronized data once they are back in a network-covered area, ensuring no loss of information and continuous operational efficiency.

Biometric verification

Challenge Addressed: Ensuring Authenticity in Clock-Ins

Accelerate’s Solution: To further bolster the accuracy of time tracking, Accelerate incorporates biometric verification. This feature involves a simple photo capture to verify crew members' identities when they clock in and out, adding an additional layer of security against fraudulent time entries.

This is how Attentive crew app works

Multilingual interface and geofence integration

Challenge Addressed: Ease of Use and Location Accuracy

Accelerate’s Solution: The multilingual interface not only aids in communication but also in ease of use, making the app more accessible to a wider range of users. Coupled with geofence integration, which ensures accurate location logging, these features collectively enhance the overall usability and effectiveness of the app in managing landscaping crews.

Request ad-hoc landscaping work

Challenge Addressed: Editing crew tasks as per customer requirements

Accelerate’s Solution: As crew leaders & ops managers, you can also request ad-hoc work. Yes! If any additional work is to be done on a particular job that was not planned before it will not be left for invoice and get updated in real-time. From the app, you can request ad-hoc work from the job ticket level only by choosing “Request ad-hoc work” after clicking the ellipsis on job details.

And from the “Request ad-hoc work” option, you can select the service type(which is required for that ad-hoc work and has a dropdown of services enabled for that property) and add remarks for it.

A landscaping crew tracking app integrated with end-to-end business management software

What works best is when your landscaping crew tracking app is integrated with your end-to-end business management software. Why? You get a seamless and efficient workflow, crucial for ops success. Here's how this integration enhances operations:

Seamless data flow

Integration ensures that data flows smoothly from takeoff to estimation, to job tickets, and then to the crew app. This seamless transition of information reduces manual data entry and potential errors. It also ensures that client expectations are met more accurately, as all involved parties are working with the same comprehensive set of data.

Ready access to property data

When a crew clocks in, all necessary property data, derived from previous stages like takeoff or estimation, is already available in the app. This instant access to information allows for more informed and efficient work on each property.

Enhanced job costing and tracking

With integrated data, tracking job costs becomes more accurate, as all relevant information, from initial estimates to final execution, is interconnected and easily accessible. Think about it: as an ops manager, you no longer have to track down your estimators & account managers to get information about a service they've promised to your customer.

Landscaping crew tracking app

Using a crew app like Attentive Crew, which is integrated with your end-to-end landscaping business management software, Accelerate represents a significant step forward in managing landscaping operations, offering a level of control and efficiency that standalone solutions cannot match.

Redefine landscaping crew tracking app with Accelerate

The right landscaping crew app, like the Attentive Crew App, can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of your crew’s operations. By focusing on essential features and addressing common challenges, Accelerate ensures your crew can focus entirely on their tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

So, are you ready to streamline your landscaping operations? Explore how Accelerate can transform your crew management. Book a personalized demo with our team and find out more today. To learn more about the app, download it today!


Is there an app to landscape your yard?

Yes, there are several apps available that can help you design and landscape your yard. These apps often offer features like design templates, plant information, and visualization tools to assist in planning and executing landscaping projects for your yard.

How do you manage a landscape crew?

Managing a landscape crew effectively involves scheduling, task assignment, time tracking, and communication. Utilizing landscaping crew tracking apps like Attentive Crew App can streamline these processes, offering real-time tracking, efficient job scheduling, and improved crew coordination.

Is there an app to help with landscaping?

Yes, there are various apps designed to assist in landscaping. These range from design and planning tools to crew management apps like Attentive Crew App. These apps provide functionalities such as design visualization, plant databases, crew tracking, timekeeping, and job scheduling, all aimed at facilitating various aspects of landscaping.