How Landscape Workshop saved 75% time on takeoffs with Attentive

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Landscape Workshop saves 75% time on takeoffs with Attentive

About Landscape Workshop

An Alabama-based, full-service grounds management company, with an annual revenue of about $41 Million (Source: zoominfo), providing expert maintenance for outdoor commercial areas. They have been in business since 1984 and have expanded their operations throughout the southeast of the States.

Forrest Oliver, Business Development Manager at Landscape Workshop, is responsible for prospecting new opportunities, sending out bids, and winning new customers. 

Forrest switched to Attentive’s automated takeoffs software 9 months ago. Read along to learn about how he has been to streamline his sales process – in his own words.

Attentive has saved 75% of time on takeoffs

Forrest mentions that they had to previously depend on Google Earth, Go iLawn, and the measuring wheel for takeoffs. The manual efforts that these methods entailed cost him about 8 hours of his time per week. That is a lot of time spent away from selling. 

Post switching to Attentive, this time has reduced to just 2 hours per week as the takeoffs are now fully automated. Forrest says, “Instead of having to push a wheel out on a site, it takes 5 minutes to set up the property boundaries and let the system do it for you. It saved me time, to where I do not have to push a wheel and instead can go out and meet more clients.”

With all this time saved, Forrest is now able to devote more time to nurturing leads, sending out more bids, and driving new revenue growth.

How Landscape Workshop saved 75% time on takeoffs with Attentive

40% more bids being sent out with Attentive

With automated takeoffs, Forrest has been able to send out 40% more bids than before. He comments, “The fact that I’ve got the tool that speeds up the bidding process, allows me to send more bids out in a week than I normally would.” 

Forrest is all praises for Attentive’s unparalleled accuracy which gives him the confidence to bid confidently and win easily — “I generally know how much a job would cost when I pull up after I’ve driven it or walked it. When I put Attentive on it, it tells me exactly what it is. Attentive is extremely accurate for most properties. The fact that it saves so much time is the biggest appeal to me.”

50% faster bid turnaround

With Attentive, Forrest is cutting down the time taken to send out a bid to half. This has helped him to be the first-quote-out and cover more territory.

“I [now] cover 2 large metropolitan areas in east Tennessee whereas before I only could cover one. And the only way I was able to reach my goals in both territories is using Attentive—to speed up the bidding process. Without Attentive, I wouldn’t have won nearly as many jobs”, observes Forrest.

Partnering with Attentive has helped Landscape Workshop in more ways than one. “Attentive is helping me give the measurements that I need to accurately plug into my bid and be competitive”, concludes Forrest.

How can Attentive help you?

Attentive has made winning bids for Forrest at Landscape Workshop easier. What are you waiting for? Try out your 2 free sites right away and experience how your life changes with automated measurements.

Attentive’s automated takeoffs help over 200 companies save thousands of dollars and reclaim hundreds of hours. To know more about how it can help your business, talk to us today.

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