November 16, 2023

Landscaping Revenue, Accounting & Purchasing Tracking Made Simple

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Landscaping Revenue, Accounting & Purchasing Tracking Made Simple

Running a landscaping business involves much more than just keeping the lawns looking good – it also means having a good handle on the money coming in and going out. Getting a clear picture of finances, from sales to spending, is essential but can often be a headache for many businesses in this industry. What can help- an end-to-end business management software that offers clear and actionable insights to track landscaping revenue on time.

Why? Because for landscaping businesses like yours, gaining comprehensive visibility in your finance, accounting, and purchasing functions is key. The cash flow, revenue recognition, and clarity of accounting practices form the bedrock of a successful landscaping enterprise.

But before we dive into the challenges of how you look into and track your landscaping revenue and tackle them, let’s understand what visibility really means here.

What does having visibility into your landscaping revenue, accounting, and purchasing functions mean?

In the commercial landscaping world, understanding when and how your business earns its money–is about recording income at the right time. And it's a complex task that can deeply impact your business's financial health if not done right.

Revenue tracking visibility into finance purchasing functions

This means accurately tracking the completion of services and recognizing the revenue accordingly. It's essential to match revenue with the work done, not just when the payment lands in the bank. This approach ensures that financial reports reflect the true state of your business, allowing for better planning and resource allocation.

Here, visibility into the purchasing process empowers landscaping businesses to manage costs effectively. Knowing exactly where money is going—from seeds to sod, from fertilizers to fleet fuel—helps to avoid wastage and unexpected shortfalls. It's about ensuring that every dollar spent contributes to the client's project and, ultimately, to the landscaping company's profitability.

For instance, real-time tracking of purchase orders and supplier invoices with landscaping business software allows for a seamless flow of supplies without overstocking or running short. 

And with clear financial visibility, accountants can have invaluable insights into cost control, project budgeting, and financial forecasting. When accountants can access detailed, real-time financial data, they can quickly identify trends, address issues, and seize opportunities that benefit the bottom line.

Challenges to Visibility in Landscaping Revenue, Accounting, and Purchasing With Your Current Landscaping Business Software

Without end-to-end, flexible landscaping business software tailored for landscaping businesses, your finance team might struggle with:

  • Mistakes in financial statements can lead to poor business decisions.
  • Slow, manual work that drags out everyday tasks.
  • Too much time spent fixing mistakes instead of analyzing numbers to help grow your business.
  • Regulatory issues because of wrongly recorded income or other financial errors.

Let’s see how.

Lack of clarity into what your landscaping business is making

When your team is stuck fixing numbers or waiting to find out what you’ve earned, that’s a sign of a bigger problem. If you can't see your financial situation clearly, it’s tough to make smart decisions or get the daily work done efficiently.

In the landscaping world, figuring out when to count your revenue can be tricky. Should it be when you finish the job or when the client pays? This can make your financial reports confusing, showing big changes from month to month that don’t really reflect how the business is doing. 

Manual landscaping revenue recognition process leading to extra hassle

If your finance team is too busy fixing mistakes when recording revenue, it distorts your actual financial picture. Meaning? There will be ups and downs in P&L statements from month to month, which means more inaccuracies down the line.

Plus, getting your finances wrong can lead to trouble with the rules and regulations that businesses need to follow.

Rigid revenue accrual methods for landscapers

When it comes to managing back-office functions like revenue recognition, the challenge intensifies. Ideally, you should be able to recognize revenue with flexible methods that accommodate the needs of your business. Here, rigid processes don’t help. You should be able to accrue revenue based on hours, when job tickets close, on receiving payments, over time for longer projects, or any other way you deem fit without complicating the process.

Incorrect or delayed revenue courtesy of your complicated landscaping business software

Incorrect or delayed revenue recording can turn your profit and loss statements into a roller coaster of unpredictability. Furthermore, it ties the hands of your finance team, making them spend more time correcting data instead of analyzing it. 

The repercussions are serious: skewed financial statements can derail strategic decision-making, while manual, time-intensive processes cripple daily operations. Not to mention the regulatory quagmires that can ensue from accounting missteps. What you need is an end-to-end business management software that integrates seamlessly with your landscaping accounting software.

The ONLY Landscaping Business Software You Need For Complete Visibility Into Revenue, Accounting, and Purchasing Functions

Enter Accelerate – the software that transforms the financial landscape of your landscaping business. 

1. Transform your landscaping revenue tracking

  • Comprehensive Solution
  • Tailored Automation

2. Real-time Financial Tracking

  • Immediate Insights
  • Expense Management

3. Purchasing Department Optimization

  • Cost Tracking
  • Budget Alignment

4. From Data Correction to Strategic Reporting

  • Role Transformation
  • Accurate Financial Statements

5. Automation Replacing Manual Efforts

  • Workflow Efficiency
  • Focus on Core Business

6. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Minimization

  • Risk Reduction
  • Data Accessibility

7. Visualizing Your Financial Landscape

  • Financial Health Indicators
  • Synchronizing Purchasing and Inventory

Here’s how.

Transform your landscaping revenue tracking

Comprehensive Solution

With our one-stop landscaping business software, enhance visibility in finance, accounting, and purchasing.

Tailored Automation

Get personalized back-office workflows that make financial tracking effortless.

Real-time Financial Tracking

Immediate Insights

Use real-time data on accounts receivable and invoice aging to revolutionize your financial oversight.

Real-time visibility into your raised invoices

Expense Management with Flexibility in Landscaping Revenue Accrual

Get the ability to monitor ongoing costs and revenues as they accrue. Here, you get the following 3 revenue accrual logic options for improved flexibility:

   a. Job ticket closure- accrue revenue whenever a job ticket moved to “Closed” status

   b. On receiving payments- accrue revenue whenever a payment is logged against an opportunity

   c. Custom- you enter the revenue to be accrued for each month

Flexible landscaping revenue accrual methods with Accelerate

Purchasing Department Optimization

Cost Tracking

Examine the tools that allow precise cost tracking for supplies. 

Take, for example, the purchasing department. They need to track the cost of every shrub, every bag of soil, and every piece of equipment. With Accelerate, they can see the financial impact of their purchasing decisions in real time, ensuring that spending on supplies aligns with budget and project timelines.

Budget Alignment

Ensure purchasing decisions stay within budget and adhere to project schedules.

From Data Correction to Strategic Reporting

Role Transformation

Let your finance team transition from error correctors to strategic decision-makers.

Accurate Financial Statements

Gain insights into how accurate reporting underpins informed strategic planning.

Automation Replacing Manual Efforts

Workflow Efficiency

Shift from time-consuming manual tasks to streamlined, automated processes.

Focus on Core Business

Let automation frees your team to concentrate on critical business goals.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Minimization

Risk Reduction

Eliminate compliance risks with correct revenue recognition and accounting. You can filter your accounting data based on time duration, branch, division, and opportunity type.

You can filter your accounting data based on time duration, branch, division, and opportunity type.

Data Accessibility

Understand how having all necessary financial data at your fingertips ensures ongoing compliance.

Visualizing Your Financial Landscape 

Financial Health Indicators 

Accurately interpret the financial health of your business. With proper visibility, you can track your gross margin data in the accounting section. Here, you can see your gross margin data on a branch level with filters for time duration, branch, division, and opportunity type.

Synchronizing Purchasing and Inventory

Achieve seamless sync between purchasing and inventory for efficient operation.

Track landscaping revenue like a pro with Accelerate

With an end-to-end landscaping business management software like Accelerate, get absolute clarity into the back office functions needed for growth and stability. It's time to cultivate your business's financial health with the same care you apply to the landscapes you create, reaping the benefits of visibility and control over your financial operations.

This clarity leads to better decision-making, smoother operations, and ultimately, a more flourishing business.

Curious to know more? Book a meeting with our team and explore how Accelerate can enable real-time revenue and cost tracking for your landscaping business.


What is the revenue of the landscape industry?

The landscaping industry revenue in the United States was estimated to be over $105 billion annually in 2022.

What is the most profitable part of landscaping?

The most profitable part of landscaping tends to be design and installation services, which offer higher profit margins than maintenance. Specialized services such as hardscaping, which includes installing patios, walls, and outdoor kitchens, or offering sustainable landscaping solutions, are also highly profitable niches within the industry.

What is landscaping revenue meaning?

Landscaping revenue refers to the income that a landscaping business earns from its various services. Technically, it includes all the gross receipts a company receives from its clients for services rendered, such as lawn care, garden maintenance, landscape design, and installation of outdoor features. This revenue is recognized upon the completion of services or over the duration of a project, depending on the accounting principles followed by the business.