Measuring a Commercial Site With’s Automated Property Measurements

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Tired of Googling property measuring services, automated estimates for commercial property measurement, automated property measurements, commercial unit measuring, etc.? We have you covered.

If you’re in the commercial landscaping industry, you know how time-consuming and tedious property measurements are. That’s the last thing you want to do on a Friday night! makes it easy for you by offering automated property measurements in 3 simple steps:

3-step automated takeoff process for estimating commercial landscaping & snow removal jobs
3-step automated takeoff process for estimating commercial landscaping & snow jobs
Attentive - An Automated Property Measurement
An automated takeoff of a property in the U.S.

Why for automated property measurements?

With, you can measure a 400-acre (17 million sq ft) property in just 3 clicks! Giving you the opportunity to fully automate the property measurement step in your estimation process.

This means you get to save up to 90% of your time that was previously spent on property measurement via Go iLawn, Google Maps, or manual labor.

Not only that, the total cost of the platform pays for itself by saving hours of manual labor (and the associated dollars) for your sales team, which you can instead spend on value-adding work such as lead generation, getting more bids, growth, customer service, etc.

The bottom line is that with on your team, the road to growing your business won’t be filled with roadblocks.

If that’s gotten your attention, follow along to learn how to measure any property.

How to measure a property with

Measuring a property is easy with You just need to enter the property address, confirm the lot boundary, and approve take-off. That’s it, 3 easy clicks are all it takes and you will have the auto-generated property report straight in your inbox.

For a detailed explanation of the process, read on:

If you haven’t already, first, create an account on the platform. This will lead you to the homepage.

Automated Property Measurements - Attentive
Give wings to your takeoffs with

Enter the property address

Click on Create to enter the address of the property you wish to measure, and we will look it up.

The pre-loaded government parcel data will show you the lot boundary in blue.

Confirm lot boundary

Using the ‘Edit’ feature, you can edit the lot boundary as per your needs.

So if you want to include an area outside the lot boundary, you have the option to do that. Just hit the edit lot boundary button in the toolbar at the top, and make all the changes you desire.

Once done with editing the lot boundary, hit save and we’re ready to go. software will now measure the following features which you can see once the report is ready:

Property features in automated property measurements - Attentive
Property features included in the takeoff

You can see the total cost of your take-off, estimated time, and lot size. Now, decide the type of report you’d like to create as per your requirements. You have 4 options to choose the standard takeoff type:

Type of takeoff report - Automated Property Measurements - Attentive
4 types of takeoff reports to choose from

Hit proceed

Now simply click on the Confirm Lot Boundary and Review Takeoff button and you are good to go. You will get a summary that will look like this:

Summary - Automated Property Measurement - Attentive
Summary before you hit Proceed

And that’s it, folks, that’s all you need to do in order to measure a property with No more drawing polygons. No more manual measurement. 

At last, the takeoff output itself with

Let’s have a look at the auto-generated property takeoff.

Takeoff - Attentive
Auto-generated takeoff

You can view the takeoff from 5 different sides (East, West, North, South, Top) by clicking on ‘Side Views’ at the bottom.

You can even customize your takeoff in multiple ways, all of which we talk about in detail in this article. also gives you the option to add up to 10 properties in the queue for measurement. This means now you can feed all your commercial properties in the system at night, and before you come back in the morning, the majority of your estimation work will be done.

Queue of properties - Automated Property Measurements - Attentive
Queue of all your properties

How to export the automated property measurements? gives you the option to export your output in 4 formats: PDF, Excel, JPEG, and via a shareable link. They are all useful in different ways, but the shareable link is the most convenient of them all.

Automated Property Measurement - Attentive Grow

This means once you are done measuring a property, you can share the output with your ground team instantly. This makes it easier for your estimators and sales representatives to collaborate with your on-site crew.

How do automated property measurements impact your landscaping business?

We understand that property measurement is the most tiring and error-prone step in the estimation process. There’s a tremendous hidden cost that lies in manual property measurements. But important outcomes, such as bid pricing, bid conversion, and job profitability, all depend on the accuracy of these measurements.

Currently, sales/account managers do this job using outdated tools like Go iLawn and Google Maps. These platforms fetch the property image and pass on the rest of the work to the users.

With, you get to take away this manual work from your teams, so they focus on one thing that really matters – GROWTH.

What makes this even more exciting is that it we are able to do all this, while saving you precious dollars. By saving up to 90% of the time spent on property measurement using traditional methods, can save significant amounts of working capital for your landscaping business.

In short, cost is outweighed by the time it saves for your employees. 

We want to understand your needs in more detail. To learn more about all the different ways can help your landscaping business grow, talk to us.

sign up for a free trial and put in 3 addresses to be measured for free.

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