Property measurement for Landscape Industry

Automate property measurement for maintenance cost estimations, landscape design and tree care operations with MapX

What you can do with MapX

Landscape Site Plans with the help of building footprints

Estimate Faster

Get property measurement without a click to spend more time on sales and estimate faster

Landscape Forecast with the help of building footprints

Accelerate Design

Generate plot plans and topographic data within 48 hours to speed up site planning and design

Landscape proposals with the help of building footprints

Expedite Survey

Build inventories prior to tree surveys to save time spent on the ground

What property features we measure

We support a wide range of hardscape and softscape property features to fast track estimating operations. We can also develop custom features on request

Landscape digital map features

What you get

Building footprints for faster marketing in Landscape

Precise Measurement

Get precise 2D and 3D surface area measurements for precise estimates

Building footprints for customer satisfaction in Landscape

Maps On-Demand

Trigger time-bound data delivery with just an address as input whenever required

Building footprints data through AI technology in Landscape

Leverage A.I.

Incorporate the latest deep learning and computer vision technology in your organizational processes and beat your competition

Building footprints data project management in Landscape

Enhanced customer experience

Ensure that you are preparing winning sales proposals in lowest turnaround time to improve customer experience

High Quality Building footprints in Landscape

Dedicated project management

Manage and monitor with regular status updates and live tracking through MapX's project management portal

Building footprints data with security in Landscape

Secure environment

Be assured about your data's security with modern and trusted technology, like HTTPS, and third party verified IT security protocols