What you can do with MapX

Road Geometry for rich navigation maps

Enrich map content

Enrich your map through lane-level data, road markings, pedestrian crossings, limit line, sidewalks, building footprints, trees and more

Road Geometry for updated navigation maps

Capture on-ground changes

Ensure customer satisfaction by ensuring your road network is updated and in sync with recent changes on the ground

Road Geometry for navigation maps for automated vehicles

Train systems for AV

Make sure your engineering teams receive highly accurate street annotations and road geometry to train perception models

What digital map features we support

We support a wide range of features and road geometry to improve your navigation maps. We can also develop custom features and attributes

Navigation digital map features

What you get

Road geometry in Navigation maps for faster marketing

Reduced time to market

With valuable road geometry and attributes available on demand, make sure your map is advanced and up-to-date

Road geometry in Navigation maps for customer satisfaction

Enhanced customer experience

Ensure that your map is enriched with high definition road geometry and contains updates incorporating the latest on ground changes

Road geometry in Navigation maps through AI technology

Access to latest technology

Incorporate the latest deep learning and computer vision technology in your organizational processes and beat your competition

Road geometry in Navigation maps project management

Dedicated project management

Manage and monitor with regular status updates and live tracking through MapX project management portal

High Quality Road geometry in Navigation maps

Assured quality

Ingest highly precise maps that enable you to make faster and accurate decisions as well as ensure high customer satisfaction

Road geometry in Navigation maps with security

Secure environment

Be rest assured about your data security with modern and trusted technology, like HTTPS, and third party verified IT security protocols

Case Study

Navigation client HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies digitizes mapping and aims to pioneer in-car navigation systems


Problem: Reducing the time to market for high definition maps

With the recent evolution of assisted navigation and autonomous driving technologies, a large map company’s goal is to have the most precise digital maps containing road geometry and attributes that reflect the ground truth. However, digitization of these features from geospatial imagery is a slow and time-consuming process and it becomes a major determining factor while scaling a business in this competitive domain.

Solution: Deep learning technology

HERE Technologies’ current map feature extraction cost was too high, turnaround time was steep and the quality of the geo-data extracted manually was below industry standards. The operational managers had to scavenge for trustworthy vendors to perform road feature extraction on their imageries which was both time-taking and occupied significant brain-space of the map content team.

HERE Technologies soon derived that the answer to this problem lay in the adoption of the latest technologies - deep learning and computer vision.

Success story: Unprecedented turn-around time with MapX

HERE Technologies North America turned to MapX to assist in global map production at scale. By making maps faster, and making the process of digital maps seamless and cost-effective, MapX allowed the HERE Team to focus less on managing vendors and data quality and more on ingesting the map features into its base products and services, thereby ensuring a higher level of customer satisfaction. The results followed quickly. HERE Technologies reduced the turnaround time and cost by a significant margin and started delivering products to the market quicker than other competitors.

Into the future: MapX for all vector map content needs

Going ahead, HERE Technologies plans to use MapX to accelerate the workflow of adding detailed road vectors and attributes to all their maps. This will ensure a higher degree of customer satisfaction as maps shall be more accurate and will reflect up-to-date features and other details that may not be present in the maps of other players.