Deliver for your division with explicit ground truth

Skip field inspections, reduce risk and prioritize urban projects with fresh imagery and remote measurements

Icon for remote property appraisal

Assess quickly with remote property appraisal

Avoid costly and lengthy field trips for property appraisal by using change detection analysis through AI models to provide the latest property insights and updates within hours

Aerial imagery of public infrastructure condition for planning maintenance projects
Icon for using AI to monitor public infrastructure and plan maintenance activities

Plan public infrastructure maintenance efficiently

Use AI models to monitor public assets without employing a large fleet of field surveyors to plan and undertake maintenance and construction work

3D Map of an urban area with building footprints, trees and other street furnitures
Icon showing urban planning with 3D maps

Simplify urban planning with 3D maps

Create digital maps for urban areas with rich data layers like 3D building footprints, trees, street furniture etc. from scratch