Exceed sales target using highly precise prospect information

Use advanced computer vision to get unprecedented roof-level information and close higher number of deals in lesser time

rooftop data and prospect information for sales obtained using remote roof inspection
icon for use of aerial imagery in roof insight extraction for rooftop PV companies

Directly reach out to commercial prospects

Inspect any region to get instant information on all commercial sites that need a solar panel installation

aerial survey of an area to obtain information about the presence of solar panels on rooftops
icon for roof measurements by remote roof inspections

Discover and target home owners through social media

Identify geofences of home-owners that do not have a solar installation currently and reach out to them through various ad platforms

remote property survey with roof report for instant quote generation
icon showing quote generation for solar industry

Generate fast and accurate proposals and win more business

With relevant roof attributes up-front, have the confidence to prepare accurate quotes