We automate the manually intensive process of digitization through our AI Mapping products and solutions. We deliver accurate vector data in express time to our customers across defense, utility, telecom, urban planning and insurance industries.

AI Mapping Products

Building Footprints

We extract highly accurate building polygons on national scale. We do so at 3-5 times the speed of manual digitization. Through multiple ongoing projects across the globe, our solution has been fine-tuned for multiple geographies and building types.


We have the capacity to extract road features on national scale. Our algorithms can accurately map road centerline for multiple landscapes.

Land Cover

Our land-base maps provide high accuracy and universally required contextual information of features visible in geospatial imagery. We provide 10-20 data layers depending on the image resolution.

Custom Mapping Solutions

Object Detection

We understand that every organisation have different needs on what kind of objects/features need to be detected. Our robust object detection neural network can be fine-tuned to any discrete object for e.g. vehicles, palm trees, swimming pools

Change Detection

We provide change detection solution with very short turn around time to accelerate decision-making in emergency situations. Our algorithms determine variations in imagery on a pixel-by-pixel basis allowing users to carry out AI based change detection on national scale.