How Attentive AI Began

Remote sensing data is all around us. With drastic reduction in costs of satellite manufacturing and launch, a data explosion has occurred. Trillions of pixels of raw data exist out there, like gold, waiting to be mined. However the sheer volume of the data is so high that even if the population of our entire planet was to analyse this data, it would take an eternity.Because the capability to process remote sensing data effectively is uniquely human, Attentive AI was founded on the premise that only artificially intelligent systems can extract insights with human-like accuracy and at scale.

Founded in 2016 by IIT Delhi alumni, Attentive AI develops software that makes it possible to analyse petabytes of remote sensing data and convert into accurate insights with minimal human effort.

How We Are Different

With both deep learning (AI) and remote sensing expertise, we are pioneers of “deep remote sensing”. This unique combination clearly differentiates us from other rule-based feature extraction tools out there. More than 50% of our organisation’s human resource are building different AI modules everyday accounting for a variety of features, data types and geographies. Our in-house laboratory with a state of the art GPU clusters and experienced big data analytics team allows the team to carry out these tasks on a daily basis.

Awards & Achievements

We won the GeoInnovation Challenge among 200 global geospatial startups at the ESRI India User conference 2017

We have been selected by GAIL as core technology and innovation partners

Clients & Partners