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About Us

Founded in 2017 by IIT Delhi alumni, we develop artificially intelligent systems that analyse petabytes of geospatial imagery and convert it into accurate insights. We serve geospatial technology providers and end users with 2D and 3D vector data extracted from satellite, aerial, street and drone imagery.

Feature Extraction in shortest time mission


To convert geospatial imagery into actionable insights and help businesses, governments and non profit organizations

Live digital map


To create an accurate, constantly updating digital twin of our physical world

Digital maps through deep learning

Our Approach

  • 1
    Experienced computer vision team prepares deep learning models, trained on geospatial imagery data
  • 2
    In-house annotators process machine generated data and fix gaps and inaccuracies
  • 3
    Expert in-house quality control team ensures nearly 100% correctness through pain-staking visual inspection
  • 4
    Client can obtain high quality data in the desired file format delivered to them in the shortest tunaround time

Our Core Values

MapX for saving time


Each decision we make & each process we follow for feature extraction is optimized to save time

Transparent feature extraction from imagery


We make sure our customers know the ground reality in real time of the feature extraction process

Easy project management for digital maps


We push the boundaries of technology for our customers to perfrom quality feature extraction

Excellent delivery of geospatial data


We help our customers achieve their objectives by creating the most efficient feature extraction engine

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