Attentive AI is on a mission to create accurate geo-image data and fundamentally revolutionise how businesses make decisions. We acquire aerial/satellite images through our partners and perform AI based feature extraction services to create HD Maps.

We are pioneers of deep remote sensing - a deep learning based methodology to extract meaningful information and valuable insights from remote sensing data.

AI Mapping Products

Building Footprints

Extract millions of building footprints in a few days

Road Center Lines

Get road centerline maps for both urban and rural landscapes

Land Classification

Get accurate land-base maps at scale

Custom Mapping Solutions

Object Detection

Search for any object of choice across petabytes of remote sensing imagery

Change Detection

Detect changes rapidly & accelerate decision-making in emergency situations

Our Technology

“Deep Remote Sensing” is a portmanteau of the words deep learning and remote sensing.

Deep learning is a class of machine learning algorithms that leverage the huge computing power of modern GPUs to perform human-like reasoning. Remote sensing platforms like satellites, UAVs and planes, scan the Earth’s surface from distance and collect data on cities, farms and natural resources. Analysing this data is time consuming and requires specialists. AI algorithms based on deep learning convert this raw data into meaningful insights by searching the data for patterns like humans do.

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