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Already using a crew app? Do these problems sounds familiar?
If your current crew management app leaves you struggling, it’s time to reconsider your options
No control on ghost clock-ins
Without biometric authentication, ensuring accurate clock-ins is challenging, leading to inflated labor costs.
Frequent manual timesheet entries
Manual timesheet entries are prone to errors and time-consuming, reducing overall efficiency.
Difficult real-time crew verification
Verifying your crew’s presence at the site in real time can be a major challenge.
Connectivity issues
Poor network coverage leads to incorrect time entries, disrupting workflow and data accuracy.
Frequent app crashes
Regular crashes of your current app hinder smooth operations and data integrity.
How Accelerate’s Crew App solves these problems and more
Attentive.ai's landscaping crew management app tackles common issues to offer seamless operations and efficient crew management.
Biometric authentication
No more ghost clock-ins with secure face-recognition-based  authentication, ensuring accurate time logging.
Biometric Authentication
Multi-lingual Interface
Multi-lingual interface
A user-friendly interface supporting multiple languages caters to diverse crews, enhancing communication and usability.
Geofencing-based clock-ins
Geofencing ensures clock-ins are only possible at designated job sites, improving data accuracy.
Geofencing-Based Clock-ins
Offline Support
Offline support
Our app continues to function even with limited or no network, ensuring uninterrupted data collection.
Automated tracking
Smart tracking features handle travel time, lunch breaks, and more, streamlining operations and reducing manual input.
Automated Tracking
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