The Power of AI for your Landscaping Business

Scale the right way with Accelerate. Automate your workflows end to end to plug all margin leaks & streamline business operations.
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Kevin & Vince share their experience with automation after switching to Accelerate

Do these problems sound familiar?

Listed below are a few reasons why it is time for you to change your current business management software
Your sales process is still manual
Manual takeoffs & proposals leave you with no time. Lack of visibility leads to a blocked sales pipeline.
Your operations have multiple blindspots
Unable to keep a check of overtime, ghost clock-ins & service quality due to lack of proper visibility.
Your revenue is not tracked on time
Your accounts team is constantly fixing data manually with limited visibility into your revenue

Your entire landscaping business; one software

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Discover how Accelerate helps you scale your business

From takeoffs to invoices, we've got you covered.
Sales process
Maximize customer facetime with a 3-step automated sales process and real-time issue resolution using live CRM across all levels
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Production planning
Easy execution of the production plan with overtime alerts, live tracking, and an offline-ready crew app, preventing ghost clock-ins
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Finance & purchasing
Achieve streamlined back-office operations with instant syncing, automated workflows, and real-time revenue and cost tracking
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Experience the power of AI with Accelerate
Let AI do the heavy lifting on Accelerate.
Takeoffs: Advanced feature identification
Leverage our intelligent system to automatically detect and measure complex property features for landscaping jobs.
Takeoffs: Advanced Feature Identification
Estimates: AI-Driven smart item mapping
Estimates: AI-Driven smart item mapping
Accelerate empowers you to automatically map takeoff items to corresponding entries in your catalog. Create winning construction estimates faster than ever.
Proposal: AI-Enhanced automated creation
Write and send proposals better. Simply input a prompt about the client and the specifics of the deal, such as the total price, and and receive a ready-to-send, professional email.
AI-Enhanced Proposal Creation

A business management software also for your construction division

Integrated automated blueprint takeoffs
Construction specific estimates
Customizable Job
Geofencing & offline capable crew app
Auto-generated AIA SoVs & pay-apps
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...and this is how you can make an informed decision

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Frequently asked questions

What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is’s end-to-end business management software which includes modules to automate your sales functions (Takeoffs, Estimates, Proposals), streamline your operations (Job Tickets, Scheduling, Timesheet), manage on-site crew operations (via Crew mobile app) and manage back-office functions (Accounting, Payments & Invoicing & Inventory Management).

Who is it for?

Accelerate is designed to manage sales, operations, finance and back-office functions for commercial landscaping maintenance and construction businesses.

What does the pricing look like?

Please visit our pricing page to learn more about how Accelerate is priced. in the news

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