Monarch Landscape Sends Out 40% More Bids with

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Monarch Landscape Companies, based in the Western US, combines the expertise of seven renowned entities. That includes Signature Landscape Services, Northwest Landscape Services, Jensen Landscape, Landsystems, Terracare Associates, the Growing Company, and Arrowhead Landscape Services. They specialize in offering various services, including landscaping, irrigation, infrastructure, hardscape, municipal facilities, sustainable landscaping, and more.

We recently chatted with Alex Ramirez, Regional Landscape Analyst at Monarch Landscape Companies’ NorthWest Division, about his experience with Over the past year, their team has used’s automated takeoff software.

Monarch Landscape Companies key wins with automated takeoffs
Monarch-Landscape-Companies key wins with automated takeoffs

Monarch Landscape increases efficiency with

Before switching to, Monarch Landscape relied on tools like Google Earth, other digital takeoff tools, and in-house estimation processes. However, the company’s business developers have high goals, aiming for an average quota of over $1 million. This means estimators had to dedicate significant time to estimating, often exceeding 20 hours per week.’s automated takeoff software became a valuable resource for Monarch Landscape. How? By providing support during busy periods, quick deadlines, and last-minute requests. Using our automated takeoff software as an overflow solution, they met client demands without losing opportunities or falling behind schedule.

Monarch Landscape reduces their bid turnaround by 40% with

Monarch Landscape has been using automated takeoff software for a year now. And according to Alex, our platform has helped them the most during the peak seasons. Especially with overflowing workloads or when time-sensitive projects require immediate attention. With’s swift turnaround times of less than a day, Alex’s team delivered bids promptly, even within tight deadlines.

As a result, they experienced a 30% to 40% faster bid turnaround rate. The accelerated bid process has definitely translated to more sales and more opportunities for a higher number of bid submissions.

“The ability to complete bids in a day or two. Instead of the previous three-day estimates, which allowed our team to secure more meetings and sales opportunities,” quips Alex.’s efficiency enabled estimators to focus on strategically crucial tasks, including generating reports, running analyses, or picking up new projects. Or as Alex puts it, “So it’s just that frees up more of our time to be flexible.”

Monarch Landscape enhances their team’s capacity, especially during busy seasons with

Monarch Landscape’s in-house estimators already possessed a high level of accuracy. They achieved a solid success rate through their existing bidding processes.’s automated takeoff software complemented the company’s approach. How? By providing accurate estimates, further strengthening Monarch Landscape’s confidence in its bidding process.

“With our business developers’ goals, we tend to have to estimate a lot, right? Because you’re not winning everything that you estimate. So with their high goals, if as a region we’re going to sell x amount of dollars, we have to estimate, probably double that, or more to actually meet those goals,” explains Alex.

“So it’s a lot of estimating,” he adds. And we agree.’s capacity to handle overflow work and urgent requests enabled Monarch Landscape’s estimators to focus on other essential responsibilities. These included chasing leads, meeting prospects, and nurturing customer relationships via client meetings, appointment setting, and comprehensive data analysis. This optimized resource allocation helped the team enhance productivity and maintain a consistent workflow.

Monarch Landscape boosts win rate by 5-10% with

I know for a fact that as a region and as a company, we have one more business and landed last-minute deals or those overcapacity deals that we wouldn’t in the past with,” says Alex.

“Some of those have turned into sales and properties that we as a company now maintain because we were able to get it estimated back in a day and then go to that meeting,” he adds.

By leveraging’s automation capabilities, Monarch Landscape secured additional sales and new clients in the nick of time. The ability to quickly respond to last-minute requests, provide estimates within a day, and attend meetings promptly resulted in Monarch Landscape estimating a win rate growth of approximately 5% to 10%.

How can help your outdoor service business’s automated takeoff software augmented the great work already being done by Monarch Landscape’s estimating team, leading to substantial benefits in terms of bid speed, overflow handling, and overall efficiency.

Monarch Landscape experienced improved bid turnaround, increased win rates, and enhanced revenue by reducing estimation time and freeing up valuable resources.

The benefits of automation are multifold. And you can test it out for yourself. Book a personalized demo with our team today and get started.

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What is the average bid turnaround time improvement experienced by Monarch Landscape with

With’s automated takeoff software, Monarch Landscape has significantly improved bid turnaround time. On average, they have experienced a 30% to 40% reduction in bid turnaround time compared to their previous takeoff tools.

How has enhanced Monarch Landscape’s team capacity, especially during busy seasons? has been instrumental in enhancing Monarch Landscape’s team capacity, particularly during busy seasons. By leveraging’s automated takeoff software as an overflow solution, Monarch Landscape can handle increased workloads without compromising on quality or falling behind schedule.

How can benefit other outdoor service businesses? offers numerous benefits to other outdoor service businesses. Firstly, it streamlines the bidding process by automating takeoff measurements, reducing estimation time, and improving bid accuracy. Secondly,’s swift turnaround times ensure that teams can meet client demands, deliver bids promptly, and focus on client meetings, analyzing data, and generating site reports even within tight deadlines.

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