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Aerial Takeoff
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AI-automated property measurements for landscaping, asphalt paving, snow removal, facilities maintenance, and construction jobs.
How to perform your first automated site measurement?
Learn how to measure your first property with’s automated takeoff software, Automeasure–in just 3 simple steps. Sign up and get started.
How to view, edit, and share your automated property measurement on Automeasure?
Once you receive your takeoff in your inbox, you're in control. Learn how to effortlessly view, edit, and share it with your prospects, customers, vendors, and team members.
Measure large HOA properties quickly!
Discover how you can measure non-fenced shared areas within sprawling HOA properties easily on Automeasure. Avail 30% off on HOA takeoffs.
How to share sitemaps with prospects—with and without the measurements?
Win more landscaping projects with our versatile shareable sitemaps. Learn how to confidently share highly detailed sitemaps, with or without the actual measurements.
How to raise a ticket on the Automeasure platform?
Be it an issue navigating through the platform, or you need an ETA on a takeoff request, no matter how small or big the problem, you can raise a ticket on our platform. Learn how.
How to split property features like separate lawns as per your mowing equipment or split sidewalk types?
Easily cater to project scope requiring additional property features by adding/removing optional property features. Learn how.
How to run multiple takeoff requests parallelly?
Learn how to run up to 6 takeoff requests parallelly by purchasing additional concurrencies on Automeasure.
How to submit a takeoff request from the Attentive OnSite mobile app?
Discover how you no longer need to wait to go back to your office to submit a takeoff request, do it from your mobile device with the Attentive OnSite app in 3 simple steps.
How to locate yourself on a large property with Attentive OnSite’s 'Locate Me' Feature?
Learn how to navigate large properties with Attentive OnSite’s 'Locate Me' feature and pinpoint your exact location on any property instantly.
How to detail your takeoffs with custom colors & patterns?
Know how to make your takeoffs pop by adding patterns to surface areas, changing feature colors, and adjusting their opacity & width to make them stand out and realistic.
How to utilize shareable links?
Learn how to use intuitive shareable links to share sitemaps with or without measurements, make them expirable, customize what features you want to be viewable, and more.
How to add new property features in even fewer clicks?
Learn how to customize each takeoff before submission to add features that are specific to your project needs. Add features with simple steps.
How to split your property into multiple zones?
Learn how to divide your property into multiple zones and manage your takeoff best suited to your project needs.
How to group property features within takeoffs?
Discover how to sort and group property features within takeoffs according to any logical grouping on Automeasure.
How to manage takeoffs with the folder system?
Learn how you can create folders on Automeasure platform to perform bulk actions on portfolio takeoffs and more.
Access & edit takeoffs requested by your team members on Automeasure
Discover you can easily access and edit takeoffs and takeoff folders requested or submitted by your team members on Automeasure platform.
Elevate your takeoffs: Introducing custom & split features on Automeasure
Learn how to create custom features & add optional features to your takeoff. Besides, you can now also switch between imperial and metric measurement systems.

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