Attentive at ASCA Executive Summit 2022

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ASCA’s Executive Summit is the headliner event for the snow and ice management industry. Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) organizes this summit where high-level executives in the snow and ice management industry connect. 

The gathering is known for its candor, openness, and professional collaboration, where attendees leave with real takeaways to introduce to their businesses and elevate them to the next level.

This year, Attentive participated in the three-day event spanning Aug 29-31 for the first time. Our team was led by Shawn Prince, Head of Business Development, and Kristen Kinsella, Lead – Customer Success.

The summit provided a great opportunity to connect with industry leaders, discuss the challenges facing the industry, and how to best solve them.

“It was a great experience attending the ASCA Executive Summit. We not only got to connect with our existing clients but a number of potential customers. Besides, the high-end educational and networking event had educational sessions and talks surrounding technology, leadership, and mergers and acquisitions in the snow and ice management industry,” says Shawn.

One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is the labor shortage and the summit gave us the opportunity to speak with industry leaders about eliminating the time-consuming manual process of site measurements for snow bids with automation. 

“Kristen and I got the opportunity to meet many from the upper echelon of snow contractors. It was exciting to discuss the endless possibilities that AutoMeasure opens up for snow jobs, especially during the peak snow season,” Shawn adds. AutoMeasure is Attentive’s AI-based automated site measurements software.

As the industry gears up for a busy snow season, there has never been a better time for snow and ice management industry professionals to interact with their peers and network. We were able to gain a deeper grasp of the problems affecting today’s snow and ice operations. The aim was to come up with practical solutions and growth tactics for the difficulties contractors, suppliers, and facilities managers face throughout the upcoming winter season.

One of the key events during the summit were the ASCA’s Leadership and Top 100 awards. Many of our customers featured in the Top 100 list.

“We were thrilled to be present when our clients were awarded during the ASCA’s Leadership and Top 100 awards. Moreover, it’s been a couple of years since we have connected with our peers in person, so it was rather exciting to gather and communicate under one roof,” remarked Kristen.

 Here are some pics from the event:

We thank ASCA for organizing this marquee snow industry event. It is a great platform for snow professionals to get together, learn from each other, and also recognize great work done by their peers.

We can’t wait to be there next year.

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