Takes Center Stage at the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference 2023 In Vegas

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The bustling city of Las Vegas hosted the remarkable Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference event. It featured landscaping maintenance and construction teams, landscape contractors, lawn care professionals, decision-makers, and technology innovators like 

The Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference is a premier gathering dedicated exclusively to technology for the green industry. It unfolded from August 9th to 11th at the lavish Paris Las Vegas Resort & Casino.

Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference 2023 Top 100 Awards
Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference 2023 Top 100 Awards

The Tech Showcase:’s Booth #102

Among the prominent names present at the event were we– We pride ourselves as a trailblazer in technology solutions for outdoor service businesses. 

Attentive booth setup in progress at Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference in Vegas
Attentive booth setup in progress at Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference in Vegas

Decked out with anticipation and innovation, our booth #102 stood as a hub of excitement. Our team had their sleeves rolled up, ready to showcase our latest offering, Accelerate, a groundbreaking landscaping business management software designed to streamline operations with end-to-end automation. 

LLTC Sponsors
LLTC Sponsors

But it wasn’t just about the software. Attendees also looked forward to the Technology and Solutions session featuring Shiva Dhawan, CEO of, and Shawn Prince, the VP of Business Development. 

From Challenges to Solutions:’s Insights Unveiled

Our session was titled, From Blind Spots To Clear Skies: End-To-End Automation In The Landscaping Industry. Shiva and Shawn took the stage to delve deep into the common challenges that often plague commercial landscaping businesses.'s Technology and Solutions session at Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference 2023’s Technology and Solutions session at Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference 2023

For those grappling with the challenges of scaling, visibility into key operational and revenue metrics, managing spreadsheets, contending with data redundancy, tool overload, operations management, and back office management, the session hit home.

The answer to these challenges? Attentive Accelerate. This comprehensive end-to-end software solution was introduced as the remedy that could transform the landscape of landscaping businesses. With the promise of streamlining operations and facilitating unprecedented growth, Accelerate proved to be a game-changer.

Shawn and Shiva
presenting at LLTC 2023
Shawn and Shiva presenting at LLTC 2023

As we engaged with industry leaders, the urgency for a transformative solution to streamline landscaping business operations was evident. And we knew what he had to do. Amid the buzz of innovation, we presented Accelerate—a solution that bridges the gaps in landscaping business management,” says Shiva Dhawan, CEO and co-founder of, about the session. Networks At The Dynamic Atmosphere Of LLTC 2023

The conference wasn’t just about the insightful sessions and innovative solutions. It was also about forging connections, and we made sure to embrace that spirit. With visitors swarming our booth, the team’s enthusiasm was palpable. team with prospects

A special shoutout to Michael Wood, Vice President at U.S. Lawns, and representatives from Don’s Lawn who took the time to swing by, even taking a spin in a chic black Lambo.

Don's Lawn At's booth
Don’s Lawn At’s booth

The dynamic energy of Vegas and the electric atmosphere of the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference made this year’s event an unforgettable experience,” quips Shawn Prince, VP of Business Development at

And we were pumped to offer a complete, end-to-end solution to long-standing challenges in landscaping business management. The resonance we felt from attendees indicated that the industry is more than ready for this transformative leap,” he added. team wraps up LLTC 2023 team wraps up LLTC 2023

This event marked not just a milestone but also a promise—of accelerating the future of the landscaping industry, one innovation at a time. So, as the team wraps up this chapter, we’re ready to “accelerate” your landscaping maintenance and construction businesses to new heights.

Request access and talk to our team to discover how Attentive Accelerate can help you simplify and scale your sales, operations, finance, and back office functions.

Stay tuned for more updates from, and get ready to revolutionize your landscaping business!

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