January 14, 2022

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Pest Control Software

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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Pest Control Software

Day in and day out, your pest control company banishes all things buggy and crawly from people's homes. You make their lives pest-free, but how about making your lives fuss-free too?

This is where pest control software comes in and is the perfect complement for your business. Spending a little time choosing the right pest control software will ultimately help you save a lot of time and effort.

First things first. Is it necessary for you to invest in software?As a pest control company, you need to do more than just pest control. Ensuring consistent growing sales, marketing your brand in the targeted neighborhood, managing and scheduling appointments, overseeing field workers, and ensuring your clients get the best experience is where the software comes in handy.

The Necessity of Investing in Pest Control Software

New-age software is critical in managing every aspect of day-to-day (D2D) operations. Gone are the days when companies could get by using a mishmash of paper, disconnected spreadsheets, or worse, outdated and complex legacy software systems to manage their business.

Great software helps you manage all your operations in one place. End-to-end software that handles everything from D2D sales, routing, scheduling, invoicing, payments, and automated reminders all in one place that can help you become the titan of efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Having Pest Control Software?

The whole point of having this software is that it should make home service easy for everyone involved, make the customer experience seamless, and help you build a profitable business.

It will help you manage your business better. Whether it is creating budgets or managing payroll, business software will make your life super-easy.

It drives high-efficiency gains. The right pest control software is an end-to-end business platform that simplifies the process. This makes your life easier by increasing visibility across teams and allowing for synergies and for collaboration between different stakeholders, and helping you run more efficiently.

It will benefit your future customers. By acting as a knowledge repository, it can also help with preventive pest control. This in-depth documentation of knowledge allows technicians to look up the best methods, let's say, for least invasive termite control.

It drives up sales. The best pest control software enables the automation of routine sales tasks by also being a lead management software. It turns your website into a 24/7 lead conversion platform, allowing prospects to buy your services at the click of a button.

Pest Control CRM - Attentive Grow
Attentive.ai Pest Control software helps you generate leads

It provides powerful marketing support. Whether running digital ads or going for door-to-door marketing, it aids in lead generation with integrated marketing services. It allows you to track, manage and nurture prospects with powerful lead progression tools.

It can use smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automate routing. Modernize your business with a pest control routing software that uses AI and automation to reduce time spent on the road and make schedules in a snap. It will take care of route management for your crew by integrating with Google Maps.

It will provide you with unique insights by analyzing your data, helping you make data-driven business decisions.

What to Look for in a Pest Control Software

Great business software goes beyond just simply scheduling visits, handling proposals, invoices, and billing. It handles the entire gamut of work, allowing you to seamlessly sync every aspect of the business. Here are a few things you need to look for before you choose the pest control software that’s right for your business.

1. Sales automation

The scope of automation is unlimited in the pest control industry. It is even possible to automate sales entirely by having your customers visit your website, view your service catalog, decide which services to purchase, and make payments instantly, all taken care of via a simple self-serve experience within your website. The customer’s details then directly flow into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Pest Control Software - Attentive Grow
Give instant quotes to your customers using Attentive.ai pest control software

The best software will enable you to make sales 24/7 from your website. This seamless experience for your customers will reduce drop-offs and multiply conversions.

2. Easy inventory tracking

Pest control businesses use a variety of chemicals and other tools to perform basic services, so it is important to accurately keep track of ‌inventory. The software helps you track inventory from purchase to sales.

3. Tools to handle seasonal changes

Given the seasonality, ‌equip your software to help you in both the lean and busy holiday seasons by handling the changing cash flows and helping you plan.The software should also have marketing tools for ‌quieter times. Keep promoting your company so you are first in people's minds when they spot unwanted pests in their homes.

4. Strong dispatching capabilities

Routing and dispatch management are an integral part of business software in our industry. It should have all the features for time and GPS fleet tracking and routing. Customers should receive automatic appointment reminders, and employees should always be prepared for any job. The software should ensure all jobs are scheduled and done timeously daily without extra micromanagement.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With a customer-first approach, the software should make your life easier with an exceptional built-in CRM system. Offering increased visibility across your customers, notifications when customers take important action, and information on where customers are on their buying journey are some areas a pest control CRM system should focus on.

6. Marketing support

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is indispensable for building a healthy sales funnel. Your ideal business software should be able to run and monitor paid advert campaigns on Google and Facebook, along with helping you with search engine optimization (SEO), making it easy for your potential online customers to find you.To understand the fundamentals of pest control marketing, we have a complete guide for you.

7. Job scheduling 

Scheduling features ensure pest control businesses know exactly where their technicians are and when they are available to help other customers. Some services, such as fumigation, can take several days to complete. You need to ‌schedule appointments around such services while ensuring the customer in question is not displaced for longer than necessary. Planning activities, such as inspections, fumigation, sterilization, or destruction, become seamless with the software.

8. Job Reporting and Documentation

The best software allows companies to forego paperwork in favor of digital automation. The software will enable the storage of field data, including media files captured using smartphone features such as camera and GPS. Pest control software tools can streamline many processes, from contracts and invoices to reports and photographic documentation. Reports need to be accurate and organized, and this is much easier when using a mobile software application on-site.

9. Billing and Invoicing

Any service-based business needs to ‌create, send, and organize invoices for work that have either been contracted or completed quickly and easily, and your software solution should contain these features. With the right pest control CRM software, you can get paid faster and reduce delinquencies with automated follow-ups, an easy-to-use customer portal, and integrated payment solutions.

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