Automated Property Measurement Software for Commercial Landscaping

Automated Property
Measurement Software for
outdoor services businesses

Automated property measurement software - AutoMeasure

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Most successful sales teams use AutoMeasure


Are property measurements a bottleneck in your sales process?

Whether it’s on Google Maps or other manual tools, property measurements slow down sales velocity

Hours Wasted

Significant time spent on manually measuring sites instead of being in front of the customer

Inaccurate Measurements

Lost opportunities due to overbidding and lost margins due to underbidding


Slow bidding process limits the sales pipeline and leads to missed quotas

One Stop Platform for all your Takeoff Needs

Just spend a minute setting up the takeoff and be notified when the measurement is complete

Aerial Takeoff

Blueprint Takeoff
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  Want to measure your sites yourself?  Learn more

Remeasure Your Current Portfolio With Attentive

No more inaccurate estimates based on outdated maps
The latest maps for all your sites, in one place
Get your service diagrams built on the updated maps
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Give wings to your takeoffs


Save 95% time on one-off and multi-site takeoffs. Spend more time on building customer relationships instead

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Send out all the proposals you want to - without all the hassle. Expand your sales funnel during the peak season

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Crush your quota with 98%+ accurate site measurements on every site. Create winning proposals with HD sitemaps

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All outdoor services, covered under one roof

Attentive OnSite

Mobile & Tablet App for your on-site assistance

Show up prepared on site with accurate sitemaps
Note customer requirements by geotagging site data
Help your Ops team plan better with real-time site data
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Frequently Asked Questions

AutoMeasure is a takeoff automation tool for sales team bidding for landscape maintenance & construction, snow management, paving maintenance, and multi-site facilities maintenance jobs.

Yes, with our manual takeoffs you can measure site manually too. Learn More

You can measure all kinds of properties - be it commercial, retail chains or HoAs, with no restriction on the size of the property. If you primarily serve residential properties, we have an instant quoting software for you. Please contact us here to know more about this.

Turn-around time depends on the size of the property and the property-features requested. A small site can take a couple hours and a very large HoA can take up to 24 hours.

Yes, with our reameasuring service, you can get all your takeoffs moved to Attentive without any manual effort. Learn more here

Yes, with our mobile application (Attentive OnSite), you can add notes to the sitemaps - while you are on site. Learn more here

For single site measurements on the software, you can create up to 10 measurement requests at a time. The takeoffs queue gets processed on their own, two at a time. For multi-site bids, you can submit your entire list of addresses at once (no limit on the number of sites here).

Making sure all your requirements are met is our top priority. Please schedule a call with us so that we can help you pick the right plan and discuss pricing - link here.