How to use Property Measurement Software for the estimation of snow removal jobs?

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A surge in snow removal RFPs is a common phenomenon during this time. The peak bidding season is tough to handle given site measurements are a bottleneck and take a lot of time. The rush to send out the proposal promptly often leads to guesstimating the site area, which means you might over or underbid for jobs. 

Creating impressive proposals is a time-consuming process. You always want to be the first bid out. And you want to bid on all the available opportunities. Last, you don’t want to miss out on those large multi-site jobs.

As you would have guessed, being able to do snow takeoffs efficiently is the key to building a good pipeline of prospects. But manual snow takeoffs take up precious time that could otherwise be spent in prospecting and networking. It is impossible to show up to the site with an accurate sitemap in your hand the first time around. 

Time and personnel being devoted to manual takeoffs is a waste of precious resources for the snow industry which is already reeling from a quality labor shortage.

Automate with Attentive 

Attentive answers all your snow removal woes during the peak season. Attentive’s AI-based property measurement software does the snow takeoffs for you on the latest high-resolution images so that you don’t have to. Switching to automated snow takeoffs will not only speed up your sales process but also make your estimates tighter and highly accurate.

Set up accurate real-time takeoffs in a matter of seconds in just 3-clicks for large and small snow management portfolios.

Automated takeoffs save time and money – you avoid overheads, and estimates incur fewer losses with accurate sourcing of equipment and materials. Being able to identify the service required—snow plowing, blowing, or de-icing—helps you quantify the equipment required better. And this is one feature that will prove very handy on the platform making your prospects see the value you offer.  

Automated snow removal takeoffs

You can queue up to 10 properties in a single go and forget about them for the day. Return the next morning for 10 highly accurate snow takeoffs. 

If you have a large multi-site portfolio, that has, let’s say, 1000 sites, you can send over the list of addresses in the Excel format and the software will deliver the measurements to you along with HD sitemaps in a few days’ time.

The takeoffs are done on high-resolution aerial imagery, that is updated every three months. The takeoffs are as detailed as they can get – allowing you to label all hardscape features for snow removal – accessible from multiple devices. See the image below for more details.

Snow Removal Takeoffs - Automated Property Measurement software

Your Ops team can benefit a great deal from the sitemaps too. You can build snow service diagrams on these sitemaps with arrows and icons for your crew to follow. This allows for the depiction of the push plan on the map and better identification of possible hazards and obstacles on the site. This ultimately means safer planning of removal and pushing of snow for your ops team and helping them avoid accidents.

Property Measurement Software: Attentive v/s Google Earth, iLawn

Google Earth and iLawn have been providing digital takeoffs for long now. But Attentive has changed the way takeoffs are done for the entire outdoor services industry by completely automating the process. 

With Google Earth and Go iLawn, you rely on your Business Developers to do the takeoffs. Manually drawing polygons on dated aerial images of sites is seldom accurate and is very time-consuming. Moreover, multi-site RFPs again entail a lot of manual effort. 

With Attentive, you can do away with all these issues and make your bids better, quicker, and win-worthy. With features mentioned in the previous section and a faster turnaround time on each bid, you’ll be spending more time on tasks that matter, like selling more! Here’s a GIF of how you would set up a 50-acre property measurement on Attentive’s software in just under a minute:

Snow takeoffs with Attentive

 Attentive has helped Beary Landscaping, Merit, East Coast Facilities (and more) reduce the time spent on manual takeoffs by 95%. Let’s see what Bill Hope from Beary Landscaping has to say about AutoMeasure.

Bill Hope, Beary Landscaping on Attentive's property measurement software

Switch to Attentive to make your sales process smoother than your current process. Book a demo with us to experience the power of automation.  

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