May 5, 2023

4 Best Practices For Winning Asphalt Paving Bids

Bidding and Estimation

As a paving maintenance business, winning asphalt paving bids can be daunting. Estimating costs and accounting for project requirements and potential challenges, all while trying to secure the job, is a balancing act. To succeed in this competitive industry, following best practices when bidding on jobs is important. 

In this blog, we'll explore four essential best practices to set you up for success.

4 sure-shot ways of winning asphalt paving bids

By implementing these best practices, you'll increase your chances of winning asphalt paving bids. And you'll deliver high-quality projects that exceed your client's expectations.

  1. Conduct a thorough site evaluation
  2. Commit realistic and detailed specifications and plans when placing asphalt paving bids
  3. Automate your asphalt paving bids site measurements
  4. Communicate effectively with clients

Conduct a thorough site evaluation

First and foremost, it's important to conduct a thorough site evaluation before submitting a bid for an asphalt or paving job. During the site evaluation, you should assess the condition of the existing pavement and the size, shape, and slope of the area to be paved. 

You should also consider the location of utilities and other obstacles, drainage patterns, traffic patterns, and any environmental factors that may impact the project. By conducting a thorough site evaluation, you can better understand the specific requirements and challenges of each project.

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By analyzing the property's current state and identifying improvement areas, you can offer your clients tailored solutions that address their specific needs. This approach helps build client trust and opens up opportunities for upselling additional services they may not have previously considered.

For example, your site evaluation may reveal a property's parking lot is full of potholes and cracks. This can lead to potential safety hazards and vehicle damage. This presents an opportunity for the paving maintenance company to suggest an upgrade to a more durable and long-lasting asphalt or concrete surface. This will ultimately save the client money and improve the safety of their parking lot. 

Similarly, a site audit may uncover potential drainage issues, such as puddling water, allowing the paving maintenance company to recommend solutions, such as re-grading the surface or installing a drainage system to prevent water damage and maintain the longevity of the pavement.

By taking a proactive approach and conducting thorough evaluations and audits, operations and account managers can -

  • Provide better service to their clients
  • Increase revenue and profitability through upselling opportunities

Commit realistic and detailed specifications and plans when placing asphalt paving bids

Next, developing detailed specifications and plans for the project is crucial. When developing these specifications and plans, you should consider the paving materials, any surface treatments or coatings to be applied, a timeline for the project, and any safety considerations or precautions that must be taken during the project. 

Providing detailed specifications and plans will help you demonstrate your expertise. This way, you’ll ensure that the project owner clearly understands the scope of work and requirements.

Automate your asphalt paving bids site measurements 

Finally, automating the parking lot measurements process can be a game-changer for you. Automating this aspect of the sales process can save you time. You accurately estimate costs, send out more asphalt paving bid proposals, and ultimately increase your chances of winning more projects. 

Let's talk about how automating property measurements can help paving maintenance businesses save time, estimate costs accurately, and win more asphalt paving bids.

Save time and manual efforts on asphalt paving bids

Firstly, by automating property measurements, businesses can save much time that would otherwise be spent measuring properties manually. This frees up time for other important sales activities like upselling, cross-selling, meeting with prospects, conducting production reviews, chasing leads, and more.

Tap into property intelligence

Additionally, automated property measurements allow businesses to gather property data quickly and accurately, which helps them estimate costs more accurately. 

This is important for evaluating project profitability and ensuring you bid on projects that align with their financial goals.

Double your asphalt paving bids production

During peak bidding season, businesses are often swamped with requests for proposals. With automated property measurements, businesses can easily push more proposals out the door and increase their chances of winning more projects.

Add visual elements to your asphalt paving bids proposals

One of the most significant benefits of automating property measurements is adding interactive, high-definition sitemaps with all asphalt and paving property features and service diagrams. These detailed sitemaps can be included in paving job proposals, helping businesses stand out from the competition and win more projects. 

Here's what a paving maintenance sitemap looks like when you switch to's automated takeoffs
Here's what a paving maintenance sitemap looks like when you switch to's automated takeoffs

Here’s how you can use color-coded interactive maps built on the latest imagery to explain the job execution strategy. On these sitemaps, you can:

  • Color-code areas for different services, scheduling needs, and equipment needs
  • Label dates of service/schedule for proposed services
  • Create patch and overlay diagrams

It also helps you communicate better with your clients about what you are offering.

Communicate effectively with clients

The key to a successful sales process is to make it easy for prospects to decide to buy from you. And effective communication is crucial when pining for asphalt paving bids. You can achieve this by:

  • establishing clear lines of communication with the client and the project owner
  • scheduling a site visit to review project requirements
  • responding to any questions or concerns raised by the client in a timely and professional manner

It is also essential to provide a clear and detailed paving job proposal that outlines all aspects of the project, including the scope of work, timeline, and costs involved. This bid proposal should be easy to understand and provide a clear breakdown of all expenses associated with the project. 

Overall, communicating effectively is essential in ensuring a successful bidding process and establishing a good working relationship with the client.

Summing up your guide to winning paving bids

In conclusion, while consistently winning asphalt paving bids can be daunting, these three best practices will significantly increase your chances of success in the industry. You can deliver accurate and competitive bids that stand out in a crowded marketplace by conducting thorough site evaluations, developing detailed specifications and plans, and automating site measurements.

At, we're committed to supporting your paving maintenance and construction needs, whether you require aerial site measurements or blueprint takeoffs. We're here to help you streamline your processes, save time, and win more bids. So why not book a personalized demo with our sales team today and see how we can help you succeed? 

Good luck!


What are some common mistakes to avoid when submitting asphalt paving bids?
Common mistakes to avoid when submitting asphalt paving bids include underestimating costs, failing to account for unforeseen challenges or site conditions, providing vague or incomplete specifications, and submitting a bid after the deadline.

What are some strategies for standing out from competitors and winning more asphalt paving bids?
To stand out from competitors and win more asphalt paving bids, consider emphasizing your unique value proposition, such as specialized skills or equipment, using high-quality materials, providing competitive pricing, and offering exceptional customer service.

How to increase the likelihood of winning repeat business?
Effective communication, delivering high-quality work and exceptional customer service, being responsive and attentive to your client's needs, and offering competitive pricing and value-added services increase your likelihood of winning repeat business.