February 23, 2024

Attentive.ai Debuts At Landscape Ontario Congress Tradeshow 2024


The Landscape Ontario Congress 2024 has once again proven to be the perfect blend of innovation and networking for landscape professionals across Canada. With over 400 exhibitors showcasing their products, equipment, and tech, the event turned out to be a successful gathering of Ontario’s landscaping industry.

"Landscape Ontario was one of the largest, most diverse tradeshows I've been to in a while. Besides a vast array of vendors, we also met with students and landscape consultants," quips Jess Volpe, our Customer Success Manager.

Booths at Landscape Ontario Tradeshow

Attentive.ai, a Delaware-based AI-automated software provider, debuted at the Congress 2024.

Matt and Jess pose with Attentive.ai standee at Landscape Ontario Tradeshow 2024
Matt and Jess pose with Attentive.ai standee at Landscape Ontario Tradeshow 2024

A Revolution in Landscaping with AI at Landscape Ontario Congress Tradeshow 2024

Attentive.ai's presence at the congress has been nothing short of electrifying. Visitors flocking to our booth were greeted by the enthusiastic team featuring Shawn Prince, VP of BizDev, Jess Volpe, CSM, Matt Stinson, SMB AE, and Brandon Flynn, SMB AE, behind the AI-powered solutions that promise to redefine efficiency and scalability in landscaping businesses.

Attentive.ai booth bustling with visitors at Landscape Ontario Tradeshow Congress 2024
Attentive.ai booth bustling with visitors

 "The response from the industry has been overwhelmingly positive. It's clear that the Ontario landscaping community is eager to embrace the AI-led revolution, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this transformation," shares Shawn Prince, VP of Business Development at Attentive.ai.

"It was thrilling to see Attentive.ai as a standout at the Landscape Ontario Congress, where day two buzzed with energy and engagement. The diversity of attendees, from agriculture specialists to students and contractors, showcased a thriving community eager to explore new technologies and ideas," adds Shawn.

The Future of Landscaping Is AI-led

The congress has served as an ideal platform for Attentive.ai to demonstrate how their solutions can tackle the industry's most pressing challenges. From optimizing sales processes to streamlining operations, Attentive.ai's suite of tools has captured the attention of many. 

Automeasure for automated site measurements is already a choice for over 500 landscaping companies across the US & Canada. And the team showcased Attentive.ai’s recently launched Accelerate- end-to-end landscaping business management software.

Team Attentive.ai poses at booth
An all-smiles team Attentive.ai poses together.

Jess Volpe, Customer Success Manager at Attentive.ai, adds, "We were received very well by attendees. Many were excited about AI and how we are able to simplify both the takeoff process and end-to-end business management. The excitement around AI products at the congress just goes on to show the industry's readiness to accelerate into the future."

Conclusion: Embracing the AI-Led Revolution at Landscape Ontario Congress 2024

As Landscape Ontario Congress 2024 progressed, it's clear that the landscape industry is on the cusp of a significant transformation. The potential of AI to bring about efficiencies and new opportunities is immense. And Attentive.ai stands ready to lead the charge.

"This congress has been an incredible opportunity to connect with industry professionals. Sharing how AI can make a tangible difference in their businesses has been special. The future of landscaping is bright, and it's AI-powered," concludes Shawn.

It's evident that Attentive.ai is paving the way for a smarter, more efficient future in landscaping.

We hope to see you at Ontario Congress Tradeshow 2025!


When is Landscape Ontario Congress Tradeshow 2025?

January 7-9, 2025.

Why should you attend the Landscape Ontario Congress Tradeshow?

Landscape Ontario Congress Tradeshow is Canada’s landscaping & horticulture industry’s one-stop event. Over 400 exhibitors showcase the latest equipment, tools, tech, materials, and supplies. 

What does Attentive.ai offer at Landscape Ontario Congress Tradeshow 2024?

Attentive.ai presented two industry-leading software- Automeasure for AI-automated site measurements. And they showcased Accelerate- end-to-end landscaping business management software at the event.