February 27, 2024

Attentive.ai Stands Out At PaveX 2024


PaveX 2024, by AC Business Media, held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, marked a significant milestone for the asphalt paving industry. The event was held between January 30-February 1st, 2024.

The event stood out with a robust educational program, live demonstrations, and networking opportunities. It helped empower professionals in paving, striping, sweeping, seal coating, and business management.

Amid this fertile ground for growth and innovation, Attentive.ai made a formidable impression. The event’s commitment to “Educate, Demonstrate, and Connect” resonated deeply with Team Attentive.ai. Our team engaged in productive discussions, showcased cutting-edge technology, and built lasting industry connections.

The camaraderie within the paving industry at the PaveX event was palpable. From honoring the founders to connecting with the who’s who of the asphalt paving industry was a great experience,” reflected Shawn Prince, VP of Business Development at Attentive.ai.

At PaveX, Attentive.ai’s AI-powered automated site measurement software, Automeasure, drew significant attention, sparking conversations around the optimization of business processes through technology.

Shawn added, “Attentive.ai’s Automeasure sparked many enriching conversations. This just underscores a sense of unity and shared purpose among small to medium-sized businesses to optimize their business processes with new tech.”

Over to you: See you at PaveX 2025!

As 2024’s paving event concluded, the enthusiasm for innovation and the anticipation for next year’s event were evident. Attentive.ai’s successful participation at this year’s event underscored the company’s commitment to AI-powered tech advancement and solidified our role as a thought leader in the industry.

Attentive.ai and our peers look forward to PaveX 2025 to reconvene & celebrate new advancements and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the paving world.

See you at PaveX 2025!


What is PaveX in San Antonio?

It is a groundbreaking asphalt & paving industry event that emerged from years of expertise fostered by AC Business Media, the trusted name behind Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine, and the IGNITE Construction Summit.

When is PaveX 2025?

PaveX 2025 will take place between January 28 and January 30 in Chatanooga, TX.

What did Attentive.ai present at PaveX?

Attentive.ai’s booth showcased AI-powered automated parking lot measurement software Automeasure, which garnered attention from contractors, estimators, and many SMBs.