December 12, 2022 at the IGNITE Construction Summit 2022


The IGNITE Construction Summit took place at Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida. This is the leading management-focused education and networking event for business owners and top managers in the paving and asphalt maintenance industry.

During two days of expert talks, the event, which is specifically designed for pavement contractors, had attendees discuss the short- and long-term important concerns facing the pavement and construction industry and offered practical takeaways for progress and growth.

IGNITE Construction Summit 2022 Sponsors
Source: Soundcore Capital Partners, LinkedIn

Entrepreneurs and contractors from the paving sector displayed their innovations and participated in panel discussions at this year's IGNITE conference. The aim was to help paving businesses improve their performance and advance their enterprises. also sponsored and joined a panel discussion titled, “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner: How Are You Winning Bids”.

Attentive at Ignite Summit 2022

The panel discussion was about the way contractors and BDs submit paving bids has significantly transformed in comparison to the earlier times. Many tools are available, including technologies to optimize and speed up the bidding process. And if you're not onboard the technology train, you'll stumble behind. 

This panel accommodated experts from the sector who provided deep insights into how successful bids are made, the effort they put into proposals, the equipment used, and more! Shawn Prince, Head of Business Development at, Mauro Comuzzi, Owner & President at The Paving Lady, and Steven Brahney, Business Development Manager at Brahney Paving & comprised the panel in the discussion on 8th December at IGNITE Construction Summit.

Day 2's networking opportunities with business leaders, potential clients, and current clients were without a doubt the day's high point, according to Shawn.

“We had great partners for the panel discussion in Jessica, Mauro, and Steve. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to Amy Schwandt, Chief Revenue Officer, AC Business Media who helped run the show as well. IGNITE actually offered us a great few days to connect with paving business owners and receive first-class education and networking opportunities,” says Shawn reflecting on his time at the summit.

“They moved a lot of the learning sessions to panel discussions, which led to much richer dialogue this year. And there were a lot of paving professionals that attended. Besides, the venue was fantastic, and the weather was honestly perfect for December in Florida,” adds Shawn.

IGNITE held at Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida had a great time with the industry experts and we will help advance your asphalt and paving maintenance business in this increasingly competitive market.

We will now be prepping for the IGNITE Construction Summit next year. See you in 2023. 

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