September 12, 2022 at the L&L Tech Conference 2022 in Scottsdale, Arizona

Conferences at the L&L Tech Conference 2022 in Scottsdale, Arizona was in attendance at the 2022 L&L Technology Conference. As the conference’s name implies, it focused on technology and its application in the landscaping industry. and many more companies participated at the conference to present technology as an enabler in the green industry.

Time to embrace technology as a solution in the landscaping industry

Keeping in line with the theme of the event,, a leader in technology, presented artificial intelligence as a tool to solve the utmost landscaping concerns.

The Tech Talk

The conference saw over 200+ landscaping companies attend the event at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort. The various speakers and panel members expressed their commitment to technology in this industry.

On day 1 of the conference, CEO Shiva Dhawan and Head of Business Development, Shawn Prince took to the stage to share their thoughts on technology in the green industry and talk about future product launches.

Let’s have a look at the key takeaways from the presentation.

“It all started when I got to know about the massive measurement problem that landscapers faced on a daily basis just to make quotes.”


Conception and Story of AutoMeasure

Challenges in the landscaping industry

It is crucial to be aware of all the challenges holding this industry back. Of the most common landscaping problems, the following make a sales process very inconvenient.

  1. Innumerable hours wasted on manual measurement of properties and then creating estimates
  2. Inaccurate estimates and not to mention delayed bids due to the entire process being time intensive
  3. Driving up to sites incurs fuel costs
  4. Always short on personnel
  5. No time left for better follow-up with prospects and attracting new ones
  6. Quality of work compromised during peak seasons due to time and labor crunch

Shiva spoke about having developed geospatial measurement software powered by AI. After recognizing the need for this software in the green industry, developed AutoMeasure, the only automated takeoff software, rendering all the other manual measuring techniques unessential.


The presentation initially focused on the hassles brought on by manual measurements of properties. AutoMeasure has helped several landscaping giants in the US overcome this cumbersome facet of the landscaping sales process.

After having worked with names like the Brickman Group and Continuum, Shawn Prince brought his 20 years of experience in the green & snow industry to in 2022.

Shawn spoke about having used AutoMeasure as a customer at Continuum to now representing it at If one does not believe in the product himself, he cannot convincingly sell it either, were Shawn’s words. continues to be a game changer

Shiva then introduced two new and powerful sales automation tools developed by that are guaranteed to revolutionize the landscaping industry:

New Product 1: Automated Blueprint Takeoffs

The construction bids will be a breeze with automated blueprint measurements. This assists the sales teams to save time on manual construction measurements and use this time in bidding more efficiently. Check the following video to learn more about Blueprint Takeoffs.

New Product 2: AutoBid

AutoBid will now allow landscaping industry professionals to minimize manual intervention and errors with end-to-end sales automation. After making numerous outdoor service companies switch from manual takeoffs to AutoMeasure, now provides automated takeoffs, estimates, and proposals in a single software, saving everyone the trouble of switching between different apps and helping them save time, make quicker, more accurate estimates and finally creating efficient bids to crush their sales quota.

Technology is not a threat to existing jobs

Shiva also addressed the elephant in the room which is technology posing a threat to existing jobs. It is important for landscapers not to treat this as a risk to their jobs but as an opportunity to upskill themselves.

More time at hand means one can focus on upskilling themselves and take up more meaningful work. Estimators, ground forces, and leaders can all focus on more important tasks such as attracting new leads, improving customer service, and learning new skills.

Response to

The landscaping community in attendance responded positively to our presentation. This resulted in decent footfall at our exhibitor booth, where we networked with industry leaders and budding professionals.

Our CEO, Shiva, particularly enjoyed the landscapes of the event venue i.e. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort, in Scottsdale Arizona.

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