August 8, 2022 launches AutoBid, the end-to-end sales automation software for landscape maintenance

Sales launches AutoBid, the end-to-end sales automation software for landscape maintenance Inc, the Delaware-based business management software provider for the green & snow industries, has launched AutoBid. AutoBid is an end-to-end sales automation software for landscape maintenance professionals.

This AI-based sales automation software will help sales teams automate everything from measuring sites to creating estimates and sending out proposals to getting e-signatures from customers.

Furthermore, the tool provides users with fully automated site measurements. The automated takeoffs convert to instant estimates. The estimates have accurate time, cost, and material costs based on pre-set production rates. Then, AutoBid creates a proposal document based on the proposal template selected. The proposals contain high-resolution sitemaps and service diagrams and are customizable by the user. 

Hence, no more inaccurate measurements, over or under-bidding, or time wasted on crafting proposals.

Shiva Dhawan, Co-founder & CEO of noted during the launch, “The current sales process in the green industry is broken. Sales teams spend a considerable amount of time juggling multiple tools while manually getting estimates, and preparing proposals. This takes valuable time away from selling, limits the sales funnel, and leads to low revenue productivity.”

“AutoBid handles everything for you. Right from the time you receive a bid request to the time you send out your proposal. Therefore, you can send out a 100-acre HoA maintenance proposal in just 2 days with AutoBid, which usually takes 10-12 days," he added.

AutoBid is second product for the green industry. Its first product - AutoMeasure, which provides automated site measurements, is used by the biggest names in the industry. These include the likes of Juniper Landscaping, U.S. Lawns, Beary Landscaping, Greenscape, Nanak’s, Perficut, United Land Services, Merit, Mullin La, and East Coast Facilities.