July 14, 2022

Attentive.ai Launches Automated Site Measurements For Paving Maintenance Professionals

Attentive.ai Launches Automated Site Measurements For Paving Maintenance Professionals

The first-of-its-kind software will help paving maintenance professionals get fully automated property measurements for job estimation

Wilmington, July 12, 2022  

Attentive.ai Inc, Delaware-based business management software provider for outdoor services industries, has launched an automated property measurement tool for paving maintenance professionals.

This AI-based tool will allow paving professionals to obtain fully automated site measurements for asphalt area, crack length, parking stall striping length among other features. This tool would be useful for both commercial and residential paving and snow contractors.

Shiva Dhawan, Co-founder & CEO of Attentive.ai noted on this launch, “Working with paving companies, what we often hear is a lot of time is wasted on traveling to the site and manually measuring areas for paving job estimates. Our tool will help sales teams cut down on time-consuming manual tasks like measuring sites for services like parking lot sealcoating, line striping, sweeping even crack sealing, etc.”

The company brings its years of experience to this product - it has a similar product for the landscaping & snow industries which was launched in April last year and was very well received.

Speaking further, Shiva noted, “Our early customers have given us very encouraging feedback. We will build on this momentum and launch automated estimates and proposals for paving professionals in August.”

More information about Attentive.ai automated property measurement tool can be found here.

About Attentive.ai: Attentive.ai (Attentive.ai) vision is to create a solution that solves the most pressing concerns of 600K+ landscaping, paving and other outdoor service businesses by transforming how they perform sales and operations. Since being launched in 2017, the company has onboarded the biggest names in the industry, including the likes of Juniper, US Lawns, Beary Landscaping, Greenscape, Nanak, Perficut, United Land Services, Merit, Continuum Services, and East Coast Facilities.