January 15, 2023

Attentive.ai Newsletter January 2023 Issue 16


The All-New Automated Blueprint Takeoffs

More powerful than ever! Now with - friendly UI, editable outputs, filterable blueprint worksheets & new downloadable output formats.

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2023 Landscaping Trends To Watch Out For 

The Age Of Low-Maintenance Landscapes

Commercial landscaping businesses are turning to automatic irrigation systems, drought-resistant plants, and mulch to create low-maintenance landscapes for multi-site properties. 

Tech To Conserve Water & Energy

Smart irrigation systems, app-controlled landscapes, and artificial intelligence (AI) will become more common across commercial landscaping businesses.

2022 Milestones for Attentive.ai

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Under The Spotlight 

While we still might be in the middle of a chilling winter, now is the best time to think about preparing your commercial landscaping businesses to make the multi-site properties ready to impress. 

Where To Look?

Focus on stockpile areas, those with the most snow load. 

Rake Off Landscape Edges

Ensure to scrub off salt, sand, and water by carefully raking off landscape edges.

Encourage New Plant Growth

Thoroughly clean and leach the salt through the soil to foster new plant growth.

Counter The Winter Damage

To counter the brunt of winter damage, layer the soil with compost and loam mixed with seed and fertilizers.

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