June 22, 2023

Attentive.ai Shines at SIMA 2023

Attentive.ai Shines at SIMA 2023

Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) trade show known as “The Snow & Ice Symposium” was held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT. SIMA 2023 brought together nearly 2000 exhibitors and thousands of industry professionals, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with excitement and innovation.

SIMA 2023
SIMA 2023

Attentive.ai’s team attended the event from 14-16 June. Shawn Prince, our Head of BizDev; Shikhar Tripathi, our VP of Growth; and Shefali Chandolia, Strategy & Ops, repped our team at SIMA. We were already off to a great start as this was Shawn, Shikhar, and Shefali’s first in-person meeting.

Our team highlighted the event’s organization and execution. Shikhar stated, “It was very well organized, and I think it was executed very smoothly.”

Positive Customer Feedback: A Testament to Attentive.ai’s Solutions

One of the highlights for Attentive.ai at SIMA 2023 was the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback we received. The booth, mainly featuring our snow removal takeoff software, attracted significant attention.

According to Shawn, “Thursday, in particular, was a bustling day with high activity and foot traffic. The team even secured an on-the-spot sign-up from a company,”

Shefali emphasizes the importance of face-to-face interactions: “Being able to connect with our snow customers in person and understand what’s working for them and areas of improvement was great.”

Connecting with prospects at SIMA 2023

The event provided an excellent opportunity for Attentive.ai to connect with both existing and potential customers. Shikhar expressed his satisfaction, mentioning that meeting new prospects and networking were among the event’s highlights.

“To be able to do partnerships, you need to learn more about them, what they do, and how you can create synergies with them,” he adds.

SIMA 2023: The hubbub for technology

Shawn says, “Great energy.” The trade show showcased an array of new equipment and innovative technologies, reinforcing the snow and ice management industry‘s increasing focus on technological advancements.

He adds, “The overall presence of technology at the show is always a good sign every year! There seems to be more and more technology coming into the industry by way of these shows. So it gives everybody a good platform and experience to look for ways to cycle up their business and become a more tech-forward company.”

Meeting customers at SIMA 2023

Our team cherished the opportunity to spend quality time with current and potential customers who visited our booth.

A special shoutout to our customer PCM Services for getting clicked at our booth. “It was amazing to spend time with our existing customers that came by the booth and chat with quite a few prospects as well. We also had meaningful conversations with many different snow and ice industry companies that could potentially become strategic partners with Attentive.ai,” adds Shawn.

Attentive.ai giveaway at SIMA 2023

We organized an exclusive giveaway to add an extra layer of excitement to SIMA 2023. Attendees flocked to our booth to register for a chance to win the Solo Stove Ranger 2.0. The giveaway generated significant buzz, attracting numerous participants.

In the end, Tyler Marshall from Branded Group was the lucky recipient!

See you next year

All in all, Attentive.ai’s participation in SIMA 2023 was a resounding success. As the snow and ice management industry embraces technological advancements, Attentive.ai remains at the forefront, delivering innovative solutions and forging solid relationships.

Naturally, we look forward to attending the event again. Until next year, SIMA! Till then, for all your snow and ice removal takeoff needs, our team is here for you. Book a personalized demo with Attentive.ai and explore how we can optimize your sales process.