June 12, 2024

Boosting Crew Productivity and Time Tracking with Landscape Software

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Boosting Crew Productivity and Time Tracking with Landscape Software

Effective time tracking is essential for any business, but it’s particularly crucial in the landscaping industry, where managing crews, projects, and job sites can be complex and time-consuming. Accurate time tracking ensures that employees are paid correctly, helps in understanding labor costs, and improves overall project management. 

But how can landscaping businesses achieve this level of efficiency? The answer lies in adopting landscape software designed to streamline time tracking and enhance crew productivity.

The Importance of Time Tracking in Landscaping

Time tracking is more than just noting when an employee clocks in and out. It involves recording various aspects of work hours, including travel time between job sites, breaks, overtime, and the actual hours spent on specific tasks. Accurate time tracking helps businesses:

  1. Ensure Fair Payroll: Employees are paid accurately for the hours they work, which fosters trust and satisfaction.
  2. Monitor Project Costs: Understanding labor costs for different projects helps in budgeting and cost control.
  3. Improve Job Management: Real-time data on job sites enables better planning and allocation of resources.
  4. Enhance Productivity: Identifying inefficiencies and optimizing crew activities can lead to significant productivity gains.

Let's explore how landscape software, like Attentive.ai’s Accelerate, can enhance time tracking and improve overall efficiency.

 How Landscape Software Enhances Time Tracking

Traditional methods of time tracking, such as paper timesheets or Excel sheets, often fall short. These methods are prone to errors, time-consuming to manage, and lack real-time data visibility. That’s where end-to-end landscape software, like Attentive.ai’s Accelerate, comes into play. 

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Here’s how an ideal landscape software should function and how Accelerate excels in meeting these needs.

Simple Clock In and Out

An ideal landscape software should offer an easy-to-use clock in and out feature, enabling crew members to log their work hours accurately. 

Accelerate’s geo-fencing and face-recognition-based biometric authentication-enabled crew app ensures that crew members are at the correct location within property boundaries when they clock in and out. This feature guarantees accurate time records and prevents ghost clock-ins, ensuring that only the actual crew members can log their hours. 

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Since the app is offline-ready, it ensures that there’s no data loss, even when in areas with poor network coverage.

Real-Time Data 

Real-time data is crucial for effective crew management. Landscape software should provide real-time visibility into crew locations and job site statuses.


Accelerate’s GPS tracking capabilities verify the location of employees. This feature ensures that employees are where they are supposed to be and helps in managing crews at multiple job sites efficiently.

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Comprehensive Reporting and Integration

Detailed reports on labor hours per job, project progress, and budget versus actual costs are vital for decision-making. Besides, ideal software should integrate seamlessly with accounting and payroll systems to automate payroll processes. 

Accelerate offers cloud-based time cards and integrates with various accounting and payroll software, making payroll management straightforward and efficient.

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Project Progress Photos and Daily Reports

Tracking the progress of landscaping projects can be challenging. Landscape software should allow for easy documentation of project stages. Crew leaders should be able to take project progress photos, add notes, and generate daily project reports. These features provide clear visibility into project statuses and ensure transparency in timesheets.

Managing Overtime and Compliance

Overtime management is critical to control labor costs and comply with labor regulations. Accelerate shares smart alerts in case you are overscheduling your crews. 

Besides, the Overtime Report gives you a clear picture of the total labor hours and the overtime component so that you can gauge the extent of the problem and quantify it with the dollar cost as well.

You can filter the data for a specific time duration where you sense the problem might have aggravated. Or you can drill down to focus on a specific operations manager who might be having trouble scheduling jobs efficiently and needs additional training.

Tracking a typical day with landscape software

Besides your crew clocking in and clocking out times, here are the key things software can help crew leaders track:

Wind Down

Wind Down is the time taken by the crew to complete office work at the end of the day. This feature allows for accurate logging of all end-of-day activities, ensuring that all administrative tasks are recorded and accounted for.


Travel time includes the duration between arrival and departure at consecutive locations, such as the branch office and various properties. The software should track:

  • Travel to and from the office
  • Travel between properties

By capturing this data, businesses can optimize routes and schedules, reducing travel time and costs.

Work Halt

Work Halt is defined as the duration during which the crew is unable to perform any work due to unforeseen circumstances. Tracking work halts helps identify productivity bottlenecks and improve operational efficiency.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time is the break period taken by all crew members during the day to rest and recoup. Accurately logging lunch breaks ensures fair labor practices and compliance with labor laws.

Additional time categories that should be tracked include:


Time taken by the crew between arrival and departure from the branch office.

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An ideal software should allow the allocation of different time categories to specific job costs. This feature should be configurable according to the company’s requirements. 

Accelerate tracks the time crew members spend during the day after clocking in from the crew app. Crews can allocate their hours to different time categories, helping operations managers derive crew efficiency and optimize gross margins.

Addressing Common Landscaping Challenges

Landscaping businesses face unique challenges, such as accurately managing labor costs, monitoring project progress, and ensuring efficient payroll management. Here’s how Accelerate addresses these issues:

Labor Cost Analysis

By tracking detailed labor hours per job, Accelerate helps businesses understand their labor costs accurately, aiding in better budgeting and cost management.

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Project Status Updates

Real-time data and project progress photos provide clear insights into project statuses, helping in timely decision-making and resource allocation.

Streamlined Payroll

With automated time tracking and integration with payroll systems, Accelerate simplifies payroll processes, reducing administrative burden and errors.

To sum it up

Efficient time tracking and crew productivity are key to success in the competitive landscaping industry. Attentive.ai’s Accelerate offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of landscaping businesses. 

With features like geo-fencing, real-time data tracking, detailed reporting, and seamless payroll integration, Accelerate not only saves time and money but also enhances overall operational efficiency. Adopting such advanced landscape software can transform how landscaping businesses manage their crews, projects, and resources, improving productivity and profitability.

To boost visibility, efficiency, and control across your operations with Accelerate, book a personalized demo with our team today. 


What is the best landscaping time-tracking software?

The best landscaping time-tracking software should offer features like real-time data tracking, GPS verification, biometric authentication, and seamless integration with payroll systems. Attentive.ai’s Accelerate provides all these features and more, ensuring accurate time tracking, efficient crew management, and streamlined payroll processes.

How does Accelerate help landscapers comply with labor regulations?

Accelerate provides smart alerts for overscheduling, detailed overtime reports, and configurable time categories, helping you maintain compliance with labor laws and optimize crew schedules.

Can Accelerate help with budget management and cost control?

Yes, Accelerate offers comprehensive labor cost analysis and real-time project status updates, aiding in better budgeting, cost management, and resource allocation.