April 23, 2024

Essential Features Every Snow Removal Contractor Needs in Automated Takeoff Software 

Bidding and Estimation

With the bidding season for snow removal jobs fast approaching, companies face the recurring challenge of handling an influx of RFPs efficiently. Timely and accurate bidding is crucial, yet the traditional process of manually estimating job sites is both time-consuming and prone to error. 

Automating this process not only speeds up your response time but also enhances the precision of your bids, ensuring you can capitalize on every opportunity without underbidding or overbidding.

Today, when 60% of the time, the first bid that reaches your customer wins, you must bid accurately and fast.

Here are some reasons automated takeoff software for snow removal bidding is a must today.

Benefits of Automated Takeoff Software for Snow Removal Bids

Enhanced Accuracy 

The shift to automated takeoff software marks a significant improvement over traditional methods, offering speed and eliminating the inaccuracies associated with manual techniques like drawing polygons on outdated aerial images. 

Traditional tools like Google Earth and Go iLawn, while useful, still rely heavily on manual input, which can be inefficient and inaccurate, especially for multi-site RFPs.

By automating the process, these AI-based automated tools can ensure an impressive 98% accuracy in site measurements, in half the time. 

Accurate takeoffs enable precise quantification of the necessary equipment, materials, and chemicals, which minimizes waste and ensures that resources are allocated correctly. 

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This accuracy is vital for contractors to effectively estimate and manage the materials and machinery needed for snow removal, enhancing both cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

Significant Time Savings and Resource Optimization

Automated takeoff software simplifies the estimation process to a few straightforward steps, significantly reducing the time traditionally spent on manual calculations. This efficiency not only saves time but also reduces the financial overhead associated with lengthy manual processes. 

With close to 95% time saved on measurements, you expedite proposal submissions and allow teams to concentrate on revenue-generating activities. 

Such an efficient process is crucial for preparing effective proposals quickly during the competitive bidding seasons.

Key Features of Effective Snow Removal Takeoff Software

Automated snow takeoffs

Automated takeoff software revolutionizes snow removal bidding by providing instant snow takeoffs within just a few clicks. All you need to do is simply input the property address, confirm the property boundaries, and the software handles the rest. 

This enables both small and large snow management companies to prepare bids quickly and efficiently, enhancing their responsiveness during the peak season.

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Sitemaps Built On High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Interactive high-definition sitemaps created from the latest aerial imagery allow contractors to differentiate their proposals. These detailed sitemaps not only highlight the specific areas requiring snow removal but also demonstrate a commitment to precision and professionalism, helping bids stand out during competitive bidding periods.

Snow site measurements with sitemap

Comprehensive and Accurate Feature Measurement

Using the most current high-resolution aerial images, which are updated quarterly, the software provides detailed measurements of all relevant property features. This includes sidewalks, drive lanes, parking lots, and other critical hardscape areas, ensuring that every aspect of the snow removal job is accurately accounted for and visible from various devices.

Ability To Manage Multi-Site Portfolios

Automated property measurement software is particularly valuable for contractors managing large portfolios, often involving hundreds or even thousands of sites like national retail chains (e.g., Walgreens, Walmarts, Target, CVS). Traditionally, contractors might manually measure only 20-25% of such portfolios, estimating the rest by averaging. 

This method, however, is fraught with inaccuracies and can significantly inflate the cost of estimations—typically ranging between $500-$700k. Automated software changes this dynamic by enabling the precise measurement of 100% of properties with an accuracy exceeding 98%. 

This not only eliminates the guesswork involved in scaling bids for large portfolios but also significantly reduces the cost of these operations to a fraction of manual estimations. Contractors can now handle extensive project sizes with confidence, ensuring that every bid is both competitive and accurate.

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How To Choose The Right Automated Takeoff Software For Snow Removal Bids?

Choosing the right automated takeoff software for snow removal bids involves assessing several key factors to enhance efficiency and accuracy in your operations:

1. Ease of Use

The ideal software should be user-friendly, requiring minimal training. It should have a simple three-step implementation process to minimize setup time and facilitate easy adoption among your team.

2. Turnaround Time

The efficiency of the software is crucial. It should deliver rapid results, processing small properties in minutes and larger properties within a few hours to ensure timely completion of bids.

3. Batch Processing Capability

Opt for software that allows you to process multiple properties simultaneously. This capability should enable you to queue numerous properties at once, enhancing productivity by handling bulk tasks overnight.

4. Collaboration Features

Effective software should support seamless sharing options. It must allow you to distribute takeoffs to colleagues, vendors, prospects, and customers through various formats like JPEG, PDF, Excel, and shareable links, incorporating all necessary takeoff details for comprehensive communication.

These features collectively ensure that the software not only speeds up the bidding process but also improves the accuracy and professionalism of your snow removal bids.


Adopting the right automated takeoff software is a game-changer for snow removal businesses. It not only enhances the accuracy and speed of your bidding process but also positions your business to handle the demands of the peak season more effectively. 

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How do you write a snow removal proposal?

Crafting a compelling snow removal proposal starts with understanding your client's needs. Tailor your proposal to address specific pain points, highlight your expertise, and outline clear pricing and service details.

How do I market my snow removal business?

Marketing your snow removal business effectively involves leveraging both online and offline channels. From creating a professional website and engaging social media presence to networking with local businesses and offering seasonal promotions, there are numerous strategies to explore.

How to bid commercial snow removal?

Bidding on commercial snow removal contracts requires careful planning and attention to detail. Start by thoroughly assessing the scope of work, understanding client expectations, and accurately estimating costs with automated property measurements.