May 27, 2022

How BlueStar Landscape Increased Their Estimate Accuracy By 30% with

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How BlueStar Landscape Increased Their Estimate Accuracy By 30% with

BlueStar Landscape is an Arizona-based HOA maintenance and enhancement company owned by Shae Homes. Their annual revenue is close to $6 million and the average size of properties they work with is around 500-1000 acres. They are a young but an aggressive business and are always looking to better their business operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Phil Johnston, who is the Director of Landscape Maintenance, looks after the sales and the growth of BlueStar Landscape. His primary responsibility here has been to smoothen out business operations and get more business. Phil has recently moved the team from carrying out manual takeoffs to getting automated ones from He now has time to spend on other business aspects than spending hours on measuring a site.

It has been 9 months since Phil and his team started using and they have measured HOAs spanning 5000+ acres. Check out how switching to has transformed BlueStar Landscape sales process. helps BlueStar save 75% of their time on takeoffs:

Phil says 40 hours a month was what it took to create a bid for a ~1000-acre property, out of which 32 hours spent were on measuring using Google Earth or making site visits. With, it now takes only an hour to review the takeoff produced by its software and ‌8 hours spent on creating a bid. For a 1000 acre HOA takeoff, the turnaround time is only 5 days with, which impressed him.

With this saved time, he can now focus on the operations and increasing sales.

Takeoff accuracy increased by 30%

Phil has been optimizing bids using automeasure software. These takeoffs are now 30% more accurate, allowing him to efficiently plan the project’s implementation. Earlier, using Google Earth or manually measuring the property with a wheel resulted in unoptimized bids with room for improvement.

The average revenue per HOA for BlueStar is US$1-1.8M. Accuracy is imperative here. Even a 5% error would mean a loss of around US$50-100K. now ensures accuracy and highly optimized bids, resulting in minimal errors.

Freedom to make sitemaps easily and plan better

According to Phil, high resolution and well-defined sitemaps have made the planning and execution of maintenance work simpler.

Creating these sitemaps is now a cakewalk, and so is editing them. Defining tricky HOA boundaries, which earlier was an issue, is a possibility thanks to

Under-construction areas that are not in the current scope are also measured to plan future maintenance work and its pricing.

How can help you? has made Phil’s life at BlueStar easy. With minimal time spent on takeoffs and a high accuracy rate, the business is now efficient.

The benefits of automation are noticeable instantly with Test it out for yourself and experience how your life changes with automated measurements. automated takeoffs help over 200 companies save thousands of dollars and reclaim hundreds of hours. To know more about how it can help your business, talk to us today.