March 6, 2024

How to spot and convert landscape enhancement services opportunities in your existing customers?

How to spot and convert landscape enhancement services opportunities in your existing customers?

Did you know it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one? Yes! That's why upselling landscape enhancement services to your current clients isn't just smart; it's essential for growth. 

Think about this: stats reveal that increasing customer retention by just 5% can boost profits by 25% to 95%.

It’s all about enhancing what's already there—making the green, greener, and neat, neater. No hard sell, just the natural next step for your landscaping business. 

This blog is a guide to identifying and converting upselling landscape enhancement services opportunities. We’ll share insights from industry veterans on how to effortlessly introduce your customers to landscape enhancements that make sense for their space and your business.

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Identifying landscape enhancement services opportunities within your customer base

Flower beds landscape enhancements
Flower beds as landscape enhancements

The key to identifying opportunities lies in understanding the client’s needs and budget constraints. 

One way could be using a budget planner to start a holistic conversation with your customer. This approach doesn't just spring landscape enhancement proposals out of nowhere. It's about partnering and planning together. 

Matt Stinson, SMB, AE,, says, “You must be aware of the client's enhancement budget, which helps in internal discussions and planning within the company.”

You can start with metrics for expected spending. And ensure that the proposals you send out are relevant and substantial enough to match the client's motivations. It's about building a relationship and understanding what drives your client's decisions.

Conducting Site Assessments For Spotting Landscape Enhancement Services Opportunities

Another excellent way of identifying landscape enhancement opportunities is by conducting insightful site assessments. 

A visit to your client's property shouldn’t be just a routine check. But it could be treated as a hunt for untapped potential. Here, the goal is to see beyond the immediate and envision what else you could offer. 

This means looking at underutilized spaces, assessing the health and impact of current landscaping, and considering how changes could enhance property value and enjoyment.

To do this effectively:

Prepare a Checklist

Before you visit, have a list of elements to assess, including existing plant health, hardscape conditions, and any areas that lack vibrancy or functionality.

A person's hand visible making a checklist for landscape enhancement services on a tablet

Listen to the Land

Sometimes, the site itself will guide you to opportunities, whether it's a soggy corner that needs better drainage and could benefit from a rain garden or a stark wall that screams for a vertical garden.

Engage the Client

Walk the property with your client if possible. Their insights into what they love, what bothers them, or what they dream about can be invaluable.

Jess Volpe, with close to 20 years of green industry experience, explains, “When I started in the industry, no one taught me what to look for.  I went out to sites and just looked at what didn't look good - then recommended fixing it.  Eventually, I learned what to look for by having a clear understanding of what the client expected their site to look like.  I always make recommendations based on a partnership vs. trying to sell them something.”

For example, if I can get rid of mulch in an area that needs to be refreshed every year and change over to stone. Here, the cost may be larger up front, but there are savings in the long term,” she adds.

Engaging with Customers For Upselling and Cross-Selling Landscape Enhancement Services

A consultative approach is the most effective. As a landscaping company, your focus should be on improving your client’s property from different angles — safety, aesthetics, and how the landscape impacts the client’s business. 

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Offering a solution is easier than offering a product. Understanding their current business position and what is causing them pain, makes an upsell easier.  If you can show value in the current usage of your product, an upsell becomes inevitable,” Jess Volpe, Customer Success Manager,

Here are 3 key things that you should be doing actively to upsell landscape enhancement services within your existing customer base:

Active Listening

Show genuine interest in their ideas and concerns. This not only builds trust but also provides critical insights into how you can serve them better.

Besides, if your maintenance is up to par and the relationship is strong, upselling with a consultative approach becomes more straightforward. 

Educate and Inspire

Share examples of similar enhancements you've implemented. Focus on the benefits they've brought to your other clients and how they could translate to their property.

Follow Up

Regular communication keeps the project and your relationship fresh in their minds. Even if an enhancement isn't immediate, staying in touch means you'll be top of mind when they're ready to proceed.

Relationship - they call it farming for a reason.  Get to truly know your customers and what motivates them. This way, you can focus on proposing things that will make their life easier or make them look good at their job,” adds Brandon Flynn, SMB, AE,

Training Sales Teams to Spot Landscape Enhancement Services Opportunities

Setting clear expectations is crucial. Try to integrate this mindset into weekly meetings and discussions. Train your sales reps to look at every site with an opportunity-oriented mindset, learning what to look for and recommending fixes based on partnership rather than sales.

Propose landscape enhancements that make sense to your client

Training isn't just about spotting opportunities. It's also about having the knowledge and experience to see and quantify them. It's a mix of motivation, caring, and industry insight.

Presenting Landscape Enhancement Proposals

Once you've identified the opportunity and engaged with the client, it's time to present your proposal. This is your moment to shine, to show your client not just what you can do but how it aligns perfectly with their needs.

Visuals are Key

Utilize before-and-after images, 3D renderings, or even simple sketches to help your client visualize the potential.

Prepare proposals with detailed, HD diagrams and 3D renderings to support your argument of landscape enhancement services

Be Clear and Comprehensive

Include detailed descriptions, timelines, and, importantly, how each suggested enhancement addresses their specific concerns or desires.

Highlight Value

Emphasize not just the aesthetic appeal but also how enhancements can increase property value, reduce maintenance costs, or solve longstanding issues.

Overcoming Objections and Providing Comprehensive Cost-Based Estimates

Encountering objections is a natural part of the sales process. Your ability to address these concerns thoughtfully can turn hesitation into approval.

Understand the Root

Listen carefully to understand whether objections are based on budget, misunderstanding the value, or fear of disruption.


Use objections as an opportunity to educate your client about the long-term benefits, maintenance savings, and potential value increases enhancements can bring.

Provide Clear Landscape Enhancement Services Estimates

Offer detailed, transparent cost estimates and timelines. Break down the project into phases if necessary to accommodate budget constraints.

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Offer Discounts & Packages

You can use "Partner Payment Coupons" or "Enhancement Coupons," which are tied to a percentage of the base maintenance contract and encourage both the maintenance signature and future enhancement work. 

Beautiful landscape enhancement services opportunity

Or you can use rebates or maintenance tie-ins, along with year-end deals, as many companies have budget surpluses that they need to spend.

Implementing Landscape Enhancements Services and Follow-Up

The successful implementation of landscape enhancements is not the final step—it's the beginning of future opportunities. Ensuring client satisfaction through quality work and follow-up can open doors to repeat business and referrals.

Quality Control

Regularly oversee the project's progress to ensure it meets your standards and the client's expectations.

Seek Feedback

Once the project is complete, ask for feedback. This can provide insights for improvement and testimonies for future clients.

Stay in Touch

Regular follow-ups keep the relationship alive. Seasonal check-ins or newsletters with care tips and new ideas can remind them of your value.

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 The Role of Technology in Upselling Landscape Enhancement Services

Visibility and reporting on proposed but not closed services are crucial and achievable within platforms like’s end-to-end business management software- Accelerate. 

Landscaping sales Kanban view on Accelerate- LMN alternative
Gain deep visibility into your deals with live tracking of sales pipeline

With better pipeline visibility, close pipeline tracking, and improved customer communication and service performance, you can effectively fish out opportunities to upsell landscape enhancement services.

Get. Set. Upsell.

As we look ahead, it's clear that leveraging landscape enhancements offers a lucrative path for commercial landscaping businesses to grow. 

By understanding client budgets, adopting a consultative sales approach, training teams effectively, creating compelling offers, and utilizing platforms like Accelerate for better visibility and tracking, companies can turn potential enhancements into profitable projects. 

By adopting these expert-backed strategies, your business can not only increase revenue but also strengthen client relationships, paving the way for sustainable growth and success.


What is a landscape enhancement?

A landscape enhancement refers to any improvement made to an existing landscape to boost its aesthetic appeal, functionality, or environmental sustainability. This can range from simple additions like new plantings and mulch to more extensive projects like patio installations or outdoor lighting.

How do you upsell landscape enhancement services without being pushy?

To upsell without being pushy, focus on consultative selling. Actively listen to understand the client’s needs and pain points. Educate them about the benefits and value of the enhancements, and how these services can solve their specific issues or improve their property. Always ensure your suggestions align with the client's vision and goals.

How to increase enhancement sales and profits?

Increase enhancement sales and profits by training your sales team to identify and create opportunities during routine maintenance visits, employing lead scoring to prioritize high-value clients, and leveraging technology like CRM systems for better tracking and customer engagement. Focus on demonstrating the value and ROI of enhancements to the client.