November 22, 2022

How Southern Sun Landscaping Improved Their Win Rate By 30% With Automated Takeoffs

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Southern Sun Landscaping is a Virginia-based premier landscaping maintenance company for both residential and commercial clients. Let's dive into their journey of using automated takeoffs. The company, with annual revenue close to $5 million, was established in 2017. They offer lawn mowing and maintenance services, full-service landscape design, general home services, junk removal, leaf removal, pressure washing, and more. 

Andrew Grider, the owner of Southern Sun Landscaping, enjoys assisting his clients in finding the right professionals and services to work with. 

How Southern Sun Landscaping Improved Their Win Rate By 30% With Automated Takeoffs

Andy switched to's automated takeoff software 2 months ago. He was previously doing takeoffs manually on Google Earth. Read along to learn about the tremendous results Andy’s team has realized with

How Southern Sun Landscaping Improved Its Win Rate By 30% With Automated Takeoffs

Southern Sun Landscaping saves 93% of the time with automated takeoffs

Using Google Earth, Andy & his team used to spend about 15 hours per week doing field visits and measuring sites. That is a lot of time away from facing customers. Now, with, it only takes them 1 hour since the takeoffs are now fully automated. 

Andy says, “Whether I have to do it or my team, we used to spend 15 hours, or sometimes even more, just on Google Earth. The great thing about the software is being able to get property features, such as soft edges, hard edges, lawn areas, mulch beds, the number of trees, and more,” he adds. has helped Andy get over the quality labor shortage in the green industry.

Here’s what Andy said, “With the US facing a labor shortage crisis, has proved to be money well spent. It’s helping us fill in gaps where we are missing employees and help the team free up time so that they can spend more time on other critical tasks.”

Win Rate Enhanced By 30%

According to Andy, has helped their company deliver a faster turnaround, leading to increased trust. In addition to the turnaround, adding HD sitemaps and service diagrams to the proposal to paint an actual picture of the site to the customers has boosted the overall win rate.

Or, as Andy puts it into words brilliantly, “Visual representation is key to sales. If you could visually represent something, you’re going to have an increased sales rate.”

SSL sends out 40% more bids

Since the BDs are now able to save time significantly, they are now spending more time generating new leads and sending out more bids. In fact, Southern Sun Landscaping has been able to send out 40% more bids. 

It also helps their pipeline move much faster than before. As a result, “BDs are also focusing on improving our existing processes and systems to run a more efficient business. So, besides generating new leads and pushing more bids out of the door, we are able to improve other aspects of our business as well with the time saved,” says Andy.

70% faster bid turnaround with automated takeoffs

“What does is that it takes larger commercial property bids where you might have had to spend a week with everything else that you have going on as a business owner, sales rep, etc., you could shorten the time and get those numbers faster,” tells Andy.

Before, he had to count and measure each shrub, lawn area, and tree individually. But now, with, all you need to do is plug the property into, confirm the lot boundary, choose whether it’s landscaping or snow, and voila, you have accurate data in the palm of your hand.

As a result, Andy and his team have been able to send out bids in 70% less time. This has allowed them to be the first quote out and leave a good impression on the prospect.

According to Andy,'s high resolution and well-defined sitemaps are a plus when it comes to having in-depth knowledge of the site. 

20% better-optimized bids with accurate automated takeoffs

“The biggest benefit of using is not only the quick turnaround time and ease of use and functionality but also the fact that the software takes a look from all four sides. With varying satellite angles, I get accurate measurements of lawn areas into heavily wooded areas as well,” quips Andy.

This way, Andy has been able to optimize bids using AutoMeasure software. These takeoffs are now 20% more accurate, allowing him to effectively plan the implementation of the project. Before switching to, using Google Earth or a measuring wheel resulted in inaccurate takeoffs and unoptimized bids. 

“We are humans, and inaccuracies are a part of the process when we are making those measurements with Google Earth or using a measuring wheel. However, since uses high-definition satellite images, those inaccuracies are avoided,” adds Andy.

According to Andy, automated takeoffs have helped them avoid under and overbidding, especially when measuring large commercial HOAs. The market is super competitive, so even if your bid is off the mark by 1-2%, you are losing money.

How can help you has helped Andy’s team speed up estimates and push more proposals out the door. On top of that, with accurate and consistent numbers, they are able to ensure profitability.

With, the perks of automation are immediately apparent. So, what are you waiting for? Book a personalized demo with our team and get started with automated takeoffs today. 

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