April 19, 2024

Top 5 Trends in Snow Removal Technologies


Every time the winter season approaches, the inevitable challenge of snow removal from roads and pathways becomes a primary concern for cities, towns, and private contractors. The traditional image of snow removal—crews braving the cold with shovels and salt trucks slowly making their way through snow-clogged streets—is undergoing a transformation. 

Technology is revolutionizing how we manage and execute snow removal, making the process more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly. We will dive into the top trends reshaping the snow removal landscape, but let’s understand the importance of snow removal first.

Why is it so Important to Remove Snow from Roads?

Timely and effective snow removal is crucial not only for plant life but also for ensuring safe and accessible roads. Accumulated snow can severely impact land communication, delaying emergency services, disrupting commutes, and increasing the risk of accidents. 

By maintaining clear roads, communities can minimize these risks, promoting safer driving conditions and facilitating smoother day-to-day operations despite the winter weather.

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How Technology is Helping with Snow Removal from Roads

The advent of autonomous and remote-controlled snow blowers, alongside driverless snow plow trucks, marks a significant leap forward in snow removal technology. These innovations allow for effective snow-clearing services post-storm, mitigating the need to expose personnel to harsh conditions. 

Consequently, staff can be redeployed to other critical tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency. These technological advancements ensure roads are cleared faster and more thoroughly, contributing to safer and more reliable winter travel.

As new tech aims to make snow removal safer and more efficient, let's delve deeper into the 5 specific technologies that define this era. These innovations not only streamline operations but also open new avenues for business growth and service excellence.

  1. Digitized snowplows
  2. Self-driving snowplow
  3. GPS fleet tracking
  4. Advanced de-icing techniques
  5. Automated snow site measurements

Digitized snowplows

A digitized snowplow clearing snow out of the roads

Snowplow technology has seen significant advancements, with digital systems now enabling more precise applications of salt and other road-clearing materials. These systems assess road conditions in real-time, allowing operators to remotely adjust treatments to match specific needs, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Businesses are benefiting from lower operational costs and an improved environmental footprint, making their services more attractive to municipalities and environmentally conscious clients. This is helping snow removal businesses build brand loyalty and opening market opportunities.

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Self-driving snowplow

Although snow presents unique challenges for autonomous vehicles, developments in self-driving snowplow technology are promising. These vehicles aim to maintain road safety by performing snow removal without human drivers, navigating through winter conditions with increasing efficacy.

This is reducing the need for large crews, cutting labor costs, and minimizing human exposure to harsh conditions. For snow removal businesses, this has translated into round-the-clock operational capabilities and reduced human resource expenses, maximizing profitability during peak snow seasons.

Technological monitoring via GPS fleet management

Fleet management during snow

GPS tracking and fleet management software stand out as game-changers for snow removal operations. Real-time tracking enables businesses to reroute plows based on current conditions, optimizing routes for efficiency and prompt service. 

This level of oversight is crucial for meeting the demands of severe weather events, ensuring that crews are deployed where they are needed most.

GPS fleet management is allowing snow removal businesses to efficiently manage their resources, reduce fuel consumption, and deliver timely services. The ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions and accurately track fleet movements has improved their operational response times and customer satisfaction, securing a competitive advantage.

Advanced de-icing techniques

Modern snow removal has been enhanced by advanced de-icing technologies that use less corrosive agents than traditional salt, which can harm vehicles and infrastructure. Newer materials like beet juice, cheese brine, or eco-friendly liquid agents help prevent ice from bonding to the asphalt, making it easier to remove. 

These technologies are allowing snow removal businesses to offer services that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Adopting such innovations can lead to contracts with environmentally conscious clients and can reduce costs associated with corrosion and cleanup.

Automated Site Measurements for Snow Removal Bids

Snow sitemap automated takeoff Attentive.ai

The latest AI-powered tools for snow removal site measurement are revolutionizing your bids for snow removal projects. These tools offer instant, accurate assessments of sites needing snow removal, streamlining proposals and ensuring precise estimates. The ability to automate takeoffs not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of quotes, providing a competitive edge in the crowded snow removal market.

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Besides, with automated measurements, you can precisely calculate needed resources, from equipment to materials, tailored to the specific services required—be it snow plowing, blowing, or de-icing. Such precision not only minimizes the risk of under or overestimating but also showcases to potential clients the thoroughness and value your service provides. This level of detail and accuracy in preparing for snow removal jobs can significantly reduce overheads and enhance the profitability of each project.

Incorporating proposals with high-definition (HD) interactive sitemaps takes professionalism to the next level. These sitemaps offer a clear and detailed view of the property, highlighting areas requiring attention and setting your service apart from the sea of similar quotes. 

Attentive.ai’s snow removal property measuring tool provides you with all of the above and more. We allow for the queueing of multiple properties at once for efficient takeoffs. When wondering how to price and bid commercial snow removal jobs for extensive portfolios, the ability to process up to 1000 sites by simply submitting an Excel list of addresses means that accurate measurements and detailed sitemaps are delivered promptly, ensuring your proposals are both competitive and comprehensive. With accurate, cost-based estimates, you no longer have to wonder how to price snow-plowing jobs for profitability. 

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Automating snow takeoffs reduces the time required to prepare bids and increases the accuracy of project estimates. This efficiency is allowing businesses to respond quickly to bid opportunities, improving their win rates and enabling them to manage more clients simultaneously, ultimately boosting revenue and market presence.

Over to you

Integrating technology into snow removal operations is a necessary evolution to meet the challenges of modern winters. From autonomous snowplows to thermal roads and automated site measurements, these advancements promise a future where snow removal is more efficient, safer, and less impactful on the environment. 

As we continue to innovate, the goal remains clear: to keep our roads clear and communities safe, no matter the weather.


What is the new technology for snow removal?

The latest technologies in snow removal include autonomous snowplows, GPS fleet tracking, automated snow measurements, and advanced de-icing techniques using eco-friendly materials. These innovations enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and improve safety during winter operations.

What is the best option for snow removal?

The best option for snow removal often depends on specific needs and conditions. However, integrating technology like automated site measurements, digital snowplows, and environmentally friendly de-icing agents is becoming increasingly effective for modern demands.

What is a snow bid?

A snow bid is a formal proposal submitted by snow removal companies to secure contracts for clearing snow from properties. These bids typically include detailed information on pricing, resources, and strategies to manage snow removal efficiently.