September 27, 2022

ELEVATE 2022: Standpoint


The National Association of Landscape Professionals held their annual Elevate Expo at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, FL. Attendees included the top professionals in the landscaping and outdoor industries.

Elevate Expo Day 1 - Gaylord Palm Resorts, Orlando, FL (Source: NALP's LinkedIn Page)

The exposition’s intent is to connect all the landscape maintenance, lawn care, design-build, irrigation, and horticulture professionals annually where they can discuss and showcase solutions to address prevailing issues of the outdoor services industry, network with one another, and ultimately, grow their business. 

In this year's ELEVATE Expo, entrepreneurs and business owners from the landscaping industry showcased their innovations designed to help others enhance their performance and propel their businesses forward. was one of the fellow exhibitors on the floor. booth at the Exhibition

Let’s dive a little deeper into time at Elevate 2022.

September 19 was the first day of the exhibition and our booth was manned by Shawn Prince, Head of Business Development at, Kristen Kinsella, Lead, Customer Success, and Caeli Kinsella, Sales Intern, at The star of our exhibition was our wildly popular product- 

AutoMeasure: Our AI-enabled software automates property measurements for outdoor services businesses, resulting in a more optimized sales process helping them save time and bid more. 

Product demos by Shawn and Caeli

Day 2 started with an education session by Pam Dooley, Owner of Plants Creative Landscapes, attended by Kristen and Caeli followed by the exhibition and lunch in the main hall. 

Demos on Day 2 of the Exhibition

The location of our booth on this day, says Shawn, was a huge plus point. Being close to the lunch buffet resulted in an increased footfall of interested prospects. Shawn, Kristen, and Caeli had their hands full with product demos. Here are a few photos of the very eventful lunchtime captured by Kristen. 

Lunch Buffet Day 2 booth and the lunch buffet

Being able to mingle with industry professionals, prospects, and existing customers on day 2 was undoubtedly the highlight of the day, notes Shawn.  

NALP outdid themselves with the food and the venue this year. The day ended with a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort. Our team connected with the vendors on the way to and from the resort and had a gala at the amusement park. Shawn comments, "The closing party at Universal Studios was a great time at a great venue. It was a fantastic time to catch up with old friends and make new ones...even though a few of us weren't feeling the best after the rides."

Arriving at the Universal Orlando Resort

On the last day of the expo, Shawn attended the keynote speech by Joe Theismann that resonated with him. He comments, “A little wisdom from the keynote that I took away- ‘Attitude precedes everything we do’ & ‘You have to be ARA - Available, Reliable & Accountable’ as a leader in your business and family.” He further adds, "I was very impressed with the quality of the conference as well as the turnout and engagement I saw throughout the three days. had a very productive time at Elevate and will certainly be back next year in Texas. Kudos to the NALP and all the efforts of the volunteers and team members that made the conference a success!"

Shawn Prince with Joe Theismann
Day 4 Keynote speaker: Joe Theismann (Source: NALP's LinkedIn Page)

We’re looking forward to meeting fellow industry professionals again next year in Dallas, TX, where we are hoping to showcase more groundbreaking tech that will aid in the growth of the green industry.