February 29, 2024

Attentive.ai At the National Pavement Expo and Conference 2024


The National Pavement Expo and Conference (NPE) is a pivotal gathering for asphalt and concrete paving sectors, including services like seal coating, striping, sweeping, crack repair, pavement repair, and snow removal. This event offers a unique platform for contractors and vendors to network, share insights, and explore tech over 3 days. 

Matt at Attentive.ai's booth at National Pavement Expo and Conference

As a regular attendee, Attentive.ai showcased its automated parking lot measurement software, Automeasure, for asphalt and concrete services. Besides automated parking lot measurements, Attentive.ai also exhibited AI-powered takeoffs on site plans for construction bids.

Attentive.ai's Experience At National Pavement Expo and Conference: A Glance

Throughout the expo, Attentive.ai's booth became a hub of activity, attracting professionals eager to witness how AI can streamline their bidding process. "The vibe was electric from day one. Our booth was buzzing with activity, with me delivering back-to-back demos. It was fantastic to see the interest in how our AI technology can transform their businesses," shared Matt Stinson from Attentive.ai.

Matt at Attentive.ai booth at National Pavement Expo and Conference

The expo served not only as a platform for showcasing Attentive.ai's AI technology but also as an incubator for brand recognition. "The recurrent mentions and recommendations from prospects visiting our booth were humbling. It just goes on to show our technology's impact in the industry," said Matt, emphasizing the brand's growing influence.

As the National Pavement Expo 2024 concludes, the stage is set for 2025. Another year of growth and innovation. And Attentive.ai looks forward to reconnecting with industry professionals and paving the way to the future.


Why should you attend the National Pavement Expo and Conference?

National Pavement Expo is the showcase of cutting-edge products and services from both established and up-and-coming brands within the paving and pavement maintenance industry. With over 50 conference sessions spread across three days, the expo is an invaluable resource. All those looking to enhance industry knowledge, refine skills, boost operational efficiency, and stay ahead of market trends should attend.

When and where will the National Pavement Expo and Conference 2025 take place?

National Pavement Expo and Conference 2025 will take place at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida, between January 15-17. The expo will stand from January 16-17, 2025

Where can I check the National Pavement Expo schedule?

Get a glance at the schedule here.