September 15, 2022 Launches Automated Blueprint takeoffs on its AutoMeasure Software

Business Management
News Inc, the Delaware-based business management software provider for outdoor services industries, has launched Automated Blueprint Takeoffs for maintenance and construction job estimation. 

Users can now upload their design blueprints onto the AutoMeasure software and the software returns auto-generated takeoffs based on the specified requirements. The software delivers takeoffs for all types of construction and maintenance jobs, including landscape, hardscape, and irrigation.

With this major update, users will be able to cut down on the hours spent manually clicking around blueprints in order to do the takeoffs. auto-generated blueprint takeoffs give the opportunity to decrease the turnaround time and send out more bids.

Shiva Dhawan, Co-founder & CEO of commented on the launch, “Automated Blueprint Takeoffs were the demand of the hour, so we took notice. Our customers have benefitted immensely from our automated aerial takeoffs, and it was a natural next step for us to build out automated blueprint takeoffs. It took a lot of hard work for our team to build it, but we are glad we have taken off (pun intended) here as well.”

More information about blueprint takeoff software can be found here.

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