May 13, 2022

How TexaScapes Increased Profit Margins by 10% with

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TexaScapes is a Texas-based landscape maintenance and design company serving commercial and residential clients. They bid on several extremely large properties, often larger than 100 acres in area.Kyle Fadal, owner, and General Manager at TexaScapes, was concerned about the hundreds of hours he spent measuring properties, which would rather be spent on selling. He often ended up with inaccurate measurements, causing him to lose out on bids to competition. However, an even larger concern for him was his lower-than-estimated profit margins. This was until he started using in February 2022.

Texascapes key wins with property measurement software.
Texascapes key wins with property measurement software. helps TexaScapes save 70% of their time in the bidding process

Kyle used to spend approximately 40 hours measuring a 100-acre property. This included the time he spent on Google Earth estimating square footage of different property features, going on-ground to map beds, counting trees, etc, and later sending a crew member to verify the measurements.Now, with doing all the heavy lifting, the time taken on the entire bidding process has been reduced by ~70%. He only makes edits on the AI-generated takeoffs that provides to add additional detail wherever he feels necessary.

Kyle Fadal, TexaScapes testimonial -

We asked Kyle how he spends the extra hours he gets now that he doesn’t need to manually measure properties anymore. “I get to do a better job as an owner and General Manager, spending time maintaining customer relationships, purchasing equipment, supervising the crew, and identifying potential problems before they become big problems.”Our favorite, however, was when he mentioned he gets to spend more time with his family and kids since he no longer has to work overnight.

Profit margins have increased by 10%

Inaccurate estimates caused Kyle to often mis-estimate the amount of material required to finish the job. When he overbid, he ended up with wasted material and often allocated more labor than required for a job. When he underbid, he had to make multiple runs to suppliers to procure more material.

Kyle Fadal, TexaScapes testimonial -
Kyle Fadal, TexaScapes testimonial -

Now, using, he is confident of his numbers because the takeoffs are much more accurate. He can calculate the exact amount of material and labor required. This saves him time and money.With accurate measurements, his profit margins have increased by ~10%.

100% close rate with

Kyle is using to create a better experience for his customers. He is always more prepared than his competitors. detailed sitemaps help him present a clear and professional picture to his customers. Here’s what Kyle said, “I have a 100% close rate with My customers are always impressed with the depth of my knowledge on the site, giving me an edge against competitors.

TexaScapes achieves 100 % close rate with
TexaScapes achieves 100 % close rate with

An underrated benefit, according to Kyle, is the excitement among his managers about the possibility of what they can do with better imagery, mapping, and measurements. It makes them realize they can provide better service to customers and in the end, become a better company.

How can help you software ensures that TexaScapes always provides an accurate bid to its customers in less than half the time it took them before. This has ensured higher profit margins and better win rates. Automated Property Measurement's HD, interactive sitemaps Automated Property Measurement's HD, interactive sitemaps

The benefits of automation are noticeable instantly with Test it out for yourself and compare the numbers between measuring manually and using automated takeoffs help over 300 companies save thousands of dollars and reclaim hundreds of hours. To know more about how it can help your business, talk to us today.