How Paved Assets Saved 90% Of Their Time On Site Takeoffs With Property Measurement Software

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Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Paved Assets is an asphalt and paving maintenance company offering services like seal coating, line striping, crack filling, pothole repair, etc. The company has assisted property managers of industrial facilities, offices, apartments, warehouses, retail stores, healthcare establishments, etc., in maintaining their parking lots and other paved spaces for 15 years now. David Jackson is the co-owner of Paved Assets. He recently switched to getting automated takeoffs about 2 months ago and has measured nearly 11 properties with property measurement software to date.

Let’s dive into his experience with

Paved Assets' key wins, including time saved on takeoffs, faster bid turnaround, more properties scoped, easy-to-edit and interactive sitemaps, and higher win rate with Attentive's property measurement software.

Paved Assets Save 90% Of Their Time On Bids With Property Measurement Software

Previously it would take David, and his team would spend significant time away from customer-facing aspects to get the square footage measurements of a property. With, he can zoom into the map, edit the lot boundary, and put the property for getting automated takeoffs within 5 minutes. According to David, his team is able to save near to 10 hours on field visits and site measurements per property.

“I would say that it absolutely helps us save time. Especially the seal coating and line striping measurements are 10/10. I feel like I could plug something in California and be very confident that you’d nail it,” says David.

Recently while measuring an over 30-acre property, David could avoid walking around the site. Thanks to property measurement software. 

How Is Paved Assets Utilizing The Time Saved?

Now, the sales team must work quickly to complete bid submissions as scheduled because there is typically a small window of opportunity to be the first bid to reach your customer. Besides, research indicates that 60% of the time, the first bid that reaches the customer wins. Therefore, when RFPs start coming in thick and fast during the peak season, the issue only gets worse.

With property measurement software, David’s team has been able to:

  • scope properties across a larger radius
  • achieve a faster bid turnaround
  • send out more bids

“It allows us the time to scope out more properties than before. Consequently, we are able to bid on more properties and send more proposals out of the door,” adds David. Furthermore, this means a direct increase in the win rate.

How Paved Assets Benefitted From Property Features and Detailed Sitemaps 

Atttentive’s “easy-to-use and easy-to-edit interactive maps” have been a blessing for the team. David says that the tool is really handy and intuitive, allowing them to zoom into the lot boundary and make edits as per their needs. 

“We are able to get distinct property features of cross-hatching stripes, parking stalls, and accurate estimates for seal coating and striping,” mentions David.

Bids Optimized With Property Measurement Software

Paving companies could bleed money and record low-profit margins if they don’t have the right numbers on estimates. This problem balloons up during a busy season when multiple large properties are lined up, and salespeople are forced to rely on guesstimates. accurate estimates allow Paved Assets to get a clear picture of their costs. Based on his analysis of bids submitted, David observed that Paved Assets was able to get accurate estimates on seal coating and striping, thanks to the accurate measurements provided by 

How Property Measurement Software Can Help You

“You guys have great customer service, immediate and top-notch,” we can’t help but admit that this was one of our favorite moments in our chat with David. has simplified how the team at Paved Assets used to walk off properties and measure features. With minimal time spent on takeoffs, a high accuracy rate, and optimized bids, the company has witnessed the benefits of automation in just a month.

 Have questions? Book a personalized demo with us or test out property measurement software yourself. Get accurate and automated takeoffs done on the latest imagery for your asphalt and paving maintenance jobs today.


How did property measurement software help Paved Assets save 90% of their time on site takeoffs?

Previously Paved Assets spent significant time away from customer-facing aspects to get the property measurements. With, it’s as easy as zooming into the map, editing the lot boundary, and approving takeoffs within 5 minutes. The team can save near to 10 hours on field visits and site measurements per property.

What were the results of Paved Assets using software?

  1. Time saved on getting site takeoffs
  2. Faster bid turnaround time
  3. More properties scoped
  4. Easy-to-edit, HD, and interactive sitemaps
  5. Higher win rate

Is software user-friendly and easy to use for non-technical users?

Atttentive’s “easy-to-use and easy-to-edit interactive maps” have been a blessing for the team. David Jackson, co-owner of Paved Assets says that the tool is really handy and intuitive allowing them to zoom into the lot boundary, add as many paving features, and make edits as per their needs.

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