April 25, 2024

How Paving Takeoff Software Improves Project Estimation

Bidding and Estimation

Gone are the days when contractors had to spend countless hours physically measuring job sites, a process not only fraught with inefficiency but also a significant drain on resources. 

Today, when time is money, the paving industry is no exception to the rule that efficiency is key. Automating the bidding process is allowing teams to focus more on fostering customer relationships rather than getting bogged down by the headache of manual site measuring. 

But what does this automation look like, and how does it truly benefit paving contractors? Let's delve into the world of paving takeoff software and discover its transformative impact on project estimation.

Benefits of Using Paving Takeoff Software Over Manual Calculations

Creating a comprehensive and clear estimate is vital in the paving maintenance industry. A well-structured estimate not only helps in accurately conveying the project's scope to the client but also in ensuring the project's profitability. 

Here's where automated paving takeoff software steps in, transforming the traditional estimating process into a fast & accurate one.


Imagine a world where your sales team no longer needs to spend their day hopping from one site to another for measurements. Automated paving takeoff software makes this possible by generating accurate parking lot measurements using the latest high-resolution aerial imagery. 

This leap in technology not only saves about 95% of the time spent on traditional methods but also ensures that your team gets more time to refine estimates and talk to customers.

The result? Your team can scope out more properties and send out a higher volume of proposals daily, significantly increasing your chances of securing more projects.


Besides, with your takeoff automated, there’s no room for erroneous measurements. Software now guarantees a 98% accuracy rate in takeoffs. With accurate site measurements, you can create detailed bids for paving maintenance and construction jobs with estimates of:

  • Materials: List of all materials required for the project.
  • Labor: Breakdown of labor costs, including the number of workers and their hourly rates.
  • Equipment: Detailed list of equipment needed, covering type, quantity, and associated costs.

Improved Client Communication

Nowadays, automated parking lot measurement software offers color-coded, detailed HD sitemaps built on the latest aerial imagery, a game-changer for explaining job execution strategies to clients. These maps allow you to:

paving sitemap with property measurements
  • Color-code areas for different services, highlighting scheduling needs and equipment requirements.
  • Label dates of service/schedule for proposed services, providing a clear timeline to clients.

This advanced visualization technique fosters better communication with clients, ensuring they understand every aspect of what’s being proposed.

More Comprehensive Paving Maintenance Proposals

With automated paving takeoff software, you can incorporate service, patch, and overlay diagrams built on HD sitemaps to better explain your scope of work:

  • Service Diagrams: Illustrate the project execution phases, building trust with detailed planning.
  • Patch Diagrams: Focus on areas requiring repair, with dimensions and annotations for clarity.
  • Overlay Diagrams: When considering overlays, these diagrams detail the additional layering on existing pavement.

These diagrams are crucial for outlining the materials, equipment, and labor necessary, showcasing your meticulous approach to potential clients.

Additional tip: Remember to always factor in any additional costs related to the project, such as permits and insurance, and create a strategy for unforeseen circumstances like weather delays or unexpected repairs. This will help you account for ALL costs in your bid.

Key Considerations When Choosing Automated Paving Takeoff Software

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing an automated paving takeoff software:

  • The takeoff submission process should be simple and scalable
  • The software should use the latest aerial imagery for precise, up-to-date measurements
  • Should cater to both maintenance and construction jobs 
  • You should be able to queue & process multiple takeoffs at once
  • The takeoffs should be easily shareable within multiple formats, including Excel, JPEG, PDF, shareable links, and more.

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Over to you

In conclusion, paving takeoff software is not just a tool but a necessity for businesses looking to streamline their project estimation process. By embracing automation, contractors can save time, increase accuracy, and ultimately win more bids. 

Attentive.ai offers AI-powered paving takeoff software to automate both parking lot site measurements and blueprints for you. 

Witness the magic of automation firsthand, sign up for a free trial, and measure your first two sites for free.


What are the common features of paving takeoff software?

Common features include high-resolution aerial imagery for measurements, color-coded site mapping, the ability to generate detailed material, labor, and equipment lists, and customizable reports that can be exported in multiple formats like Excel and PDF. Many also offer the ability to queue multiple takeoffs and provide shareable links for easy collaboration.

What is the accuracy of paving takeoff software?

AI-powered paving takeoff software boasts an accuracy rate of about 98%, ensuring precise measurements that contribute to reliable project estimates. This accuracy significantly reduces the risk of costly errors associated with manual takeoffs.

How does paving takeoff software work?

Paving takeoff software automates the measurement process by using the latest aerial imagery to assess parking lot dimensions and other site features. The software can also produce detailed, color-coded maps and diagrams to visualize the scope of work for clients.