April 17, 2024

Key Features Every Paving Contractor Should Look for in Takeoff Software

Bidding and Estimation

Navigating the ups and downs of the paving industry requires more than just expertise in laying down asphalt or concrete. It starts right at the heart of the bidding process - with an efficient takeoff. 

This crucial step often spells the difference between a deal won and a deal lost. For paving contractors, the journey from lead generation to a winning proposal is lined with various challenges and opportunities.

Let’s see how having the most efficient takeoff process helps.

The Importance of an Efficient Takeoff Process

Accuracy and speed are crucial to consistently winning bids. Efficient takeoff processes ensure that contractors can quickly and accurately assess the scope and resources required for a job, prepare winning proposals, and bid promptly. With a fast & accurate takeoff process, you save time and reduce the risk of costly errors, making it possible to handle multiple projects effectively. 

In this competitive industry, leveraging advanced digital tools for takeoff processes can significantly enhance a contractor's ability to secure more deals and improve overall profitability.

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Boosting Efficiency in Takeoffs: The Shift to Digital Tools

Traditionally, contractors relied on physical visits to measure parking lots, a method that was both time-consuming and prone to errors. Today, the shift toward digital measurement tools signifies a significant leap toward efficiency. These tools range from manual polygon-drawing software to AI-automated site measurement solutions that promise accuracy without manual labor. 

When you compare digital takeoff tools to AI-automated takeoff software, here’s why the latter takes the win.

The Advantages of Automated Paving Takeoff Software

1. Speed is of the Essence

Automating property measurements can significantly cut down the time spent on manual measurements. This efficiency allows contractors to focus on other critical aspects of their business, such as client meetings, sales activities, scoping out more properties, and more.

During the peak bidding season, the ability to quickly produce and dispatch proposals can be a game-changer in securing more projects.

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2. Accuracy Leads to Better Estimates

The foundation of a successful bid lies in accurate, detailed, and cost-based estimates. This process involves considering various factors, including material costs, labor, equipment rental, permits, and other indirect costs. 

Accurate estimates not only ensure competitive pricing but also safeguard profit margins, preventing contractors from overbidding or leaving money on the table.

So, let’s understand how you can choose the best paving takeoff software.

Choosing the Right Paving Takeoff Software: Must-have Features

Automation from Start to Finish

The best takeoff software should eliminate manual tasks like drawing polygons and clicking endlessly for hours. Entering a property address and confirming lot boundaries should be enough to receive automated measurements.

AI-powered 3-step site measurement process

Up-to-Date Aerial Imagery

Relying on the latest aerial imagery ensures that all new property features are considered, making your estimates more accurate.

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Comprehensive Feature Measurement

Look for software that can measure all key aspects of a paving project, including asphalt, concrete, surface curb strips, cross-hatching strips, parking stall stripes, stop bar stripes, directional arrows count, handicap parking stall count, regular parking stall count, other stripes, and more. These features should be color-coded and clearly marked for easy identification and presentation in proposals.

Attentive.ai's Automeasure's paving sitemap with takeoffs

Versatility for Different Job Types

Whether it's a new construction job or maintenance work, the software should cater to all types of paving projects with reasonable turnaround times (TAT). While TAT can vary based on the property's size and complexity, it should generally be minutes for small properties and some hours for larger ones.

Batch Processing Capability

The ability to queue multiple takeoffs saves time and streamlines workflow. Software like Attentive.ai’s Automeasure allows up to 10 measurement requests at a time, processing two concurrently for efficient workflow management.


You should be able to share your takeoffs with your team, vendors, prospects, and customers via shareable links, JPEG, Excel, or PDF files. You should also have the option to share or hide measurements when sharing sitemaps. 

Let’s choose the right AI-powered automated paving takeoff software

Equipping your paving business with the right tools can significantly impact your success rate in winning bids. Automated takeoff software not only streamlines the estimation process but also ensures accuracy, efficiency, and competitiveness. 

As you explore the options, remember that the best software is one that aligns with your business needs, offering a seamless, automated process from measurement to proposal. 

Attentive.ai offers AI-automated paving takeoff software that reduces your site measurement time by 95%. And get guaranteed takeoff accuracy up to 98%. 

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What is takeoff software in construction?

Takeoff software in construction is a digital tool used to calculate the materials, labor, and costs needed for a construction project. It helps contractors make accurate bids and manage resources efficiently.

What are blueprint takeoffs?

Blueprint takeoffs are detailed readings of construction blueprints to determine the quantities of materials needed for the project. This process helps in preparing precise cost estimates and material requisitions.

What is paving takeoff software?

Paving takeoff software is a specialized type of digital tool designed for paving contractors to measure, estimate, and bid on paving jobs efficiently. It automates measurements and helps in generating accurate proposals quickly.