August 28, 2023

Future of Landscaping Sales: Automation & Efficiency with Accelerate

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Future of Landscaping Sales: Automation & Efficiency with Accelerate

For landscaping sales teams, one scenario is common, especially during peak seasons. Picture this: It's Friday, and you're all set to unwind and spend quality time with your family over the weekend. But then, a new bid lands on your desk with a stringent Monday deadline. 

Suddenly, your weekend plans are disrupted, and you find yourself facing a daunting task – measuring the site and painstakingly working on the landscaping estimate. It's a real bummer, isn't it?

The truth is, for most businesses, the traditional landscaping sales process is riddled with inefficiencies that demand your valuable time and effort. Each step, from taking site measurements to preparing landscaping estimates and creating proposals, is laborious and time-consuming.

Challenges With Manual Landscaping Sales Process

Here are the 3 fundamental problems with a manual sales process:

  1. Manual site measurements & time consumption
  2. Juggling multiple tools
  3. The hidden cost of estimation errors

Manual Site Measurements & Time Consumption

Manual site measurements have an inherent margin of error, which can significantly impact the accuracy of your estimates. Additionally, sales reps measuring the site manually miss out on precious selling time. 

To put things into perspective, if your sales force is spending between 10-20% of the time measuring properties on online tools or on-site with a measuring wheel, you’re losing almost 300 hours (2 months) per sales employee annually. 

These hours translate into thousands of $ of wasted opportunity and even more when considering the revenue contribution they could bring during this time.

Juggling Multiple Tools In Your Landscaping Sales Process

Sales teams often juggle multiple tools and find themselves manually transferring data between them. This fragmented approach not only consumes valuable time and resources but also introduces the likelihood of data inconsistencies, incomplete assessments, and miscalculations.

The Hidden Cost of Estimation Errors

Preparing landscaping estimates manually inherently risks errors. Inaccuracy in landscaping estimating costs can lead to overbidding, causing potential clients to look elsewhere, or underbidding, potentially hurting your profit margins. A salesperson doing $500K in sales every year and underbidding by 10% could cost the business over $50K.

Impact of how you price your landscaping bids
Impact of how you price your landscaping bids

In addition to the tangible financial setbacks, the emotional toll on employees cannot be understated. The process erodes employee morale as their commissions often hinge on the sales they make and the profitability of those jobs.

Ultimately, it hinders your ability to bring in more landscaping contracts & boost your bottom line.

The Impact of Landscaping Sales Efficiency

Efficiency in sales isn't just about speed; it's about maximizing output while minimizing effort and resources. For landscaping teams, this translates into several tangible benefits:

  1. Client satisfaction
  2. Competitive edge
  3. Optimal resource allocation
  4. Scalability

Let's look into it.

Client Satisfaction

Quick turnarounds on landscaping estimates and proactive communication can significantly enhance the client's experience. An efficient sales process ensures that clients aren't kept waiting, fostering trust and confidence.

Competitive Edge

In a saturated market, efficiency can set a landscaping business apart. Being able to quickly respond to bids, adjust proposals based on client feedback, and offer accurate estimates can give a landscaping company a distinct edge over competitors.

Optimal Resource Allocation

Efficiency ensures that team members spend less time on administrative tasks and more on what truly matters: understanding client needs, designing innovative solutions, and building relationships.

Scalability Of Your Landscaping Sales Process

An efficient sales process is easily replicable, allowing businesses to scale operations without compromising quality or client relationships.

In essence, better sales efficiency is not just a goal; it's a growth catalyst, paving the way for improved client relationships, increased revenues, and a stronger market presence.

Improved Efficiency for Your Landscaping Sales Efforts with Accelerate

Let's look at the functionalities offered by Accelerate's sales module and the tangible benefits for your business.

Functionalities offered by Accelerate’s Sales Module

Here's how you can utilize Accelerate features to boost sales process efficiency.

  1. Automated property measurements
  2. 3-click estimating
  3. Tailored proposals
  4. Hassle-free edits
  5. Informed decision-making

Automated Property Measurements

Say goodbye to the tedious manual measurements. Simply input the property address, and Accelerate conducts accurate measurements built on the latest aerial imagery using state-of-the-art AI technology. This way, you optimize your landscaping sales process by a mile’s difference, to say the least.

Automated landscaping property measurement built on the latest aerial imagery
Automated landscaping property measurement built on the latest aerial imagery

Efficient 3-click Estimating

Eliminate the need for manual property measurements and data entry by leveraging Accelerate's sales module. This means a faster turnaround time for more accurate landscaping estimates and a quicker response to clients.

Landscaping estimate template integrated with your property measurements
Landscaping estimate template integrated with your property measurements

Tailored Proposals

Customize proposals swiftly, making adjustments as per client's needs or feedback. This ensures your landscape proposal stands out and caters exactly to what the client requires.

Accelerate landscaping proposal template integrated with your estimates & property measurements
Landscaping proposal template integrated with your estimates & property measurements

Hassle-free Edits

Use the built-in editor to cater to specific requirements, such as changing payment schedules. This feature ensures that tedious edits do not bog you down and can quickly make changes as and when needed.

Clean and professional landscaping proposal template that is easily editable, customizable
Clean and professional landscaping proposal template that is easily editable, customizable

Informed Decision-making

With a clear view of your landscaping sales performance against targets, you can strategize effectively to enhance results. This not only helps in tracking performance but also in gaining insights into upsells and other aspects.

Switching up your landscaping sales game with Accelerate

Tailored to improve your efficiency, sales automation on Accelerate drastically reduces wasted hours, enabling them to secure more bids by streamlining the most time-consuming step in the estimating process. The result? Accelerate amplifies your sales team's potential. 

With our software, you can:

  • Speed up your process of creating takeoffs and estimates.
  • Increase the number of bids sent out, especially during peak seasons, ultimately improving your win rate
  • Fine-tune your bids to prevent overpricing or undercutting
  • Dedicate more time to cultivate leads, engage with prospects, and foster lasting customer relationships

The future of landscaping sales is here, and it's automated, efficient, and tailored for success. Don't let outdated methods hold back your business's potential. Embrace the transformative power of Accelerate and witness a paradigm shift in your sales outcomes. 

Ready to redefine your sales journey? Book a personalized demo with our team today and explore the benefits end-to-end landscaping business management can usher in for you.


How much time do landscaping sales teams typically waste with manual property measurements?

Answer: If sales teams spend 10-20% of their time on manual measurements, it translates to almost 300 hours or roughly 2 months per sales employee annually.

What risks are associated with manual estimations in the landscaping business?

Answer: Manual estimations can lead to overbidding, driving potential clients away, or underbidding, impacting profit margins. An error of 10% on a salesperson's $500K annual sales can cost a business over $50K.

How can Accelerate improve sales efficiency for landscaping teams?

Answer: Accelerate offers automated property measurements, efficient estimating tools, tailored proposal creations, and hassle-free edits, all aimed at boosting sales process efficiency and reducing manual interventions.