January 17, 2023

How Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care Improved Bid Accuracy With Automated Property Measurement Tool Up-To-Date Aerial Imagery

Case Studies

Creation Landscaping and Lawn Care offers commercial services for lawn care, landscape design and installation, landscaping maintenance, and snow removal in and around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They provide maintenance for commercial and industrial properties as well as HOAs, shopping malls, and corporate campuses.

We spoke with Caleb Martin, who leads their BD efforts as a sales manager with Creation Landscaping and Lawn Care, on his experience of using the Attentive.ai property measurement tool.

Here's How Attentive.ai's Property Measurement Software Helped Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care. They saved time on site measurements, achieved a faster bid turnaround, received accurate site imagery, increased customer trust due to clean sitemaps, and leveraged easy-to-use & easy-to-learn software.
Here's How Attentive.ai Property Measurement Tool Helped Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care

Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care Save 90% Of Their Time With Automated Site Measurements

Prior to partnering with Attentive.ai, Caleb’s team measured their properties manually. Besides taking significant amounts of time to get takeoffs, the software did not have an easy-to-use user interface, and the satellite imagery wasn’t as up-to-date. 

“When working with Attentive.ai's property measurement software, the measurements happen overnight if we have to complete a large site. This way, we can work on other things that are important to us. Besides, we can expect quality measurements that come back, and it's just very nice, clean, and crisp maps,” says Caleb.

According to Caleb, all he has to do is confirm the property boundaries, add a few notes, and then sometimes tweak the maps a little bit, if required. Caleb’s team has also expanded their sales area of operations as they don’t have to spend time drawing polygons.

Without Attentive.ai Property Measurement Tool, Creation Landscaping Faced Issues With Getting Accurate Property Maps 30% Of The Time

Another crucial aspect that Caleb highlighted was getting up-to-date imagery on sites and properties that were newly constructed. When it comes to accuracy in imagery, Caleb was facing this challenge 30% of the time with the software his team was using before Attentive.ai.

“If it was a new site, the satellite imagery might be two or three years old. And we'd be staring at a cornfield, making it impossible to do any measuring right,” says Caleb.

Now, with Attentive.ai, his team has all the latest maps for a site in one place. This way, he can get accurate landscaping service diagrams built on these updated maps. This is done by the ops team, which can add arrows and icons for the crew to follow, including any possible hazards and obstacles on the site.

Better Communication With Clients, Thanks To Color-Coded, Clean Sitemaps

Caleb mentions that having different report types, including PDF, Apex, Excel, etc., to send clean sitemaps and service diagrams to the client has helped raise the level of professionalism. It also assures the client that Caleb’s team has understood the site well.

Attentive.ai Property Measurement Tool Helped Increase The Number Of Bids and Facilitated A Faster Bid Turnaround

“Attentive.ai has definitely helped our bid turnaround time, and the speed at which we can put bids out has increased significantly,” adds Caleb.  According to him, with the Attentive.ai property measurement tool, multi-site portfolios, such as large HOAs, take significantly lower time. 

Now, account managers can simply send over the list of addresses in, let‘s say, Excel format, and AutoMeasure will send back accurate measurements along with HD sitemaps in a matter of time.

Attentive.ai Property Measurement Tool Is Intuitive 

“The user interface for Attentive.ai AutoMeasure is really clean and simple,” quips Caleb. He also mentions that since the platform is so easy-to-use, there’s no need for a lengthy training and software onboarding process. So, even when a new staff member joins the team, there’s no significant training investment.

How Attentive.ai Property Measurement Tool Can Help You?

“Without Attentive.ai, we would miss some opportunities every now and then as we weren't able to either pursue leads or were spending on measuring properties,” adds Caleb. So freeing up that time to do lead generation or follow up with potential clients has definitely increased the number of clients that his team has won.

And last but not least, Caleb sums up Attentive.ai customer support in one word, “fabulous.” 

Attentive.ai property measurement tool has helped Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care get up-to-date satellite imagery, save 90% of their time on site takeoffs, and achieve a faster bid turnaround time.

If you’re looking to experience the power of automation to transform your sales process, look no further. Book a personalized demo with us today. Automate your takeoffs, use detailed sitemaps, and win more bids today.


What challenges did Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care face before using Attentive.ai property measurement software?

Prior to using the Attentive.ai property measurement tool, Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care measured their properties manually. Besides taking significant amounts of time to get takeoffs, the software they were using did not have an easy-to-use user interface, and the satellite imagery wasn’t as up-to-date. 

How did Attentive.ai help Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care?

  1. They saved 90% of their time with automated site measurements
  2. They got takeoffs built on accurate, up-to-date aerial imagery
  3. They improved client communication thanks to color-coded, clean sitemaps.
  4. They increased the number of bids they place

What were the key benefits of using Attentive.ai automated takeoffs for Creation Landscaping & Lawn Care?

  1. Saving time
  2. Getting takeoffs built on up-to-date aerial imagery
  3. Optimizing bids’ accuracy
  4. Winning more bids
  5. Bidding more, especially during the peak season
  6. Faster bid turnaround